11 Free Document Scanner Apps – Scan Documents with Android Phone

The document scanner app is useful if you don’t have a scanner and want to scan documents with phone on the go.

You can use your Android mobile phone (camera) and a document scanner app to scan any number of pages. All these are free document scanner app for android free download.

I shall list the best scanning app for android that you can download and install for free.

Document Scanner App

1) Document scanner

The Document scanner (Made in India) app has more than 50 tools to edit and manage documents. Some of the features include scan your document, enhance the scan quality automatically or manually.

You can scan documents using a camera with auto edge detection. Conver images to PDF and vice versa. You can merge multiple documents.

2) Clear Scan

With the Clear Scan app, you can scan documents with the phone. It also has an automatic document edge detection and perspective correction feature.

With a fast processing professional quality results and plenty of other features, this app can be used as a photo document scanner.

3) Adobe Scan

This is a free document scanning app from Adobe. It has integrated OCR technology to recognize text and handwriting.

4) Tap Scanner

You can scan documents, receipts, business cards, and more. It automatically detects borders and fine-tunes images with filters.

And here are some more document scanner apps for you to scan documents with your mobile phone.

5) Doc Scanner

Document Scanner will help you scan documents, page edges are detected automatically, set page sizes (Letter, Legal, A4, and more), share pdf or jpeg files, and directly print and fax the documents directly from the app.

6) Simple Scan

Simple Scan is a free app that can help you scan documents of your choice. You can upload jpg or pdf files to the cloud disk automatically. You can import pdf files into jpg within seconds.

7) Document Scanner

Document scanner has these following features, Free scanner, photo to pdf, easy scanning, camera scanner, OCR, Advanced document editing, e signature app, and a QR code scanner.

8) Microsoft Office Lens

The Microsoft Office lens helps you stay organized, increase productivity at work & school, and much more. You can convert PDF, Word, and PowerPoint files into readable documents. You can also convert images into pdf, and word files.

9) Scanner App

Scanner App is a free document scanner, scan with various modes, add electronic signature, edit into text (OCR), protect with pin, it also is a handy document editor.

10) Fast Scanner

Fast scanner is a fast document scanner, you can export to PDF files, Email scanned documents, is extremely fast and supports lot of image editing options.

11) Cam Scanner

Cam Scanner is a document scanner app for android free download that will turn your phone into a portable scanner. You can quickly digitize documents, optimize scan quality, extract texts from images, and more.

Let me know your favorite Document scanner app using the comments section below.

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