10 Best Free Online Tools to Convert PDF into Word (DOC)

We will tell you how you can easily convert PDF files into Word format online.

You do not need to download any software (paid or free) in order to convert PDF files. All you need to do is use any of the following free online tools to convert pdf into a word document.

You might be in need of a reliable online converter for your work or any other assignments.

Convert PDF into Word

So here we go, these are the direct/quick links to Convert PDF into Word for free:

  1. PDF2Doc
  2. SmallPdf
  3. Free PDF Convert
  4. PDFtoWord
  5. SimplyPDF
  6. PDFPro
  7. PDFOnline
  8. AltoConvertPDFtoWord
  9. ILovePdf
  10. Foxit

1) Pdf 2 Doc


With Pdf2Doc.com you can upload up to 20 PDF files at a time and convert it into doc format. You can download each file or download a zip archive containing all the converted files at once.

Click on Upload Files or Drag and Drop files onto the website. It is as simple as that. Go ahead and give it a try now!

2) Small PDF


With SmallPdf.com you can upload any number of PDF files to convert it into doc format, there is no file size limit. You do not need to register for an account either!

3) Free PDF Convert

VisitFree PDF Convert

The FreePDFConvert.com converts pdf to a word document by extracting text, images, and scanned pages (OCR) and the resulting file would be perfectly formatted for your convenience.

It also has various tools to convert pdf to excel, PowerPoint, png, and jpg.

4) PDF to Word


With this free Nitro PDF to Word online tool, you can convert PDF into Word (doc), and also into Excel and Powerpoint.

Interesting: Use these online tools to convert PDF to JPG for free!

5) Simple PDF


SimplyPDF.com has many options when you have to convert a pdf file to a doc file.

Some of the options that you can find in this tool are Reconstruction mode, Table detection, Select lists in content, Headers & Footers, Text annotations, Auto-Rotate text, OCR, and many more.

6) PDF Pro


PDFPro is another alternative resource for you to convert PDF files into an easily editable Word format.

7) PDF Online


With PDFOnline.com you can convert your PDF files into Word documents. This tool preserves the fonts, paragraphs, lists, tables, and columns in the Word document.

8) Alto Convert PDF to Word


You can upload your files directly from the computer by choosing files or just with a drag and drop. It also lets you choose files from your DropBox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive account and convert your PDFs into DOC files.

9) I Love PDF


This also has options to choose files from your computer, Google Drive or DropBox.

10) Foxit


And finally, Foxit software has a free online tool for you as an alternative instead of downloading any software to convert PDF files.

We hope this helped you with the task you had and were able to find the solution for it through these resources. If you think someone else can benefit from this article then please do share it with them. Take care!

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