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Zedge.net offers the best free ringtones, Android apps, free themes, Wallpapers, text messages and of course games for your mobile phones on the Internet. The mobile downloads website can be accessed directly from your phone through browsers like Opera mini or right from your desktop computer.

For people looking for cool wallpapers, ringtones and other mobile content for their phones, zedge.net is the perfect website to visit. This website contains over seven million downloads for mobile phones. And the best part about it is, all the contents available on the site are free to download.

Zedge was launched in 2003 and the website is visited by over 42 million visitors every month. It was founded by 3 people namely Kenneth Sundnes, Tom Arnoy and Paul Shaw from Norway. Zedge was bought by the telecom company IDT Corporation from New Jersey in December 2006. After its acquisition the company has put in a lot of effort to develop the website and make it better for its users.

The site has been growing because of its daily users as well. With users uploading new mobile content every day, the website seems to grow rapidly. The quality of the website has been enhanced over the years and this is clearly evident by the number of people visiting the website every day.  On an average Zedge.net gets over forty million exclusive visitors every month from around the world. The site is accessible for users through the web, and also from the mobile site (m.zedge.net) and its newly launched app for Android mobile phone users.

As mentioned earlier, all the content on the website are free downloads. On the website you will be able to download Free Wallpapers, Free Ringtones, Free Themes and various Text messages for your phones. Zedge ringtones is one of the most popular offering on the website and you get to download a whole variety of it from the website.

Zedge.net - Free ringtones, themes apps for Mobile Phones

Zedge forums has over 4,238,706 posts from a whopping 73,224 topics in 33 forums. The community is very active and be sure to check it out today visiting the below link:


Although the website has over five million wallpapers, the site developers have made it really easy for people to download what they seek. All the wallpapers available on the website have been classified in a specific manner. Some of the categories listed on the website are Anime, Entertainment, Games, Music, Nature, Spiritual and many more. Zedge wallpapers have been divided into twenty five different categories to help you download what you want.

There are a lot of free themes that can be downloaded as well. You will find a few varieties among the Zedge themes too. For example, you will find regular themes and animated ones as well. Some themes are uploaded with additional software. They can be used to have an animated theme, even on phones that do not normally support them. Few themes also have some inbuilt apps in them, like the ‘Slide to Unlock’ or the ‘Maze Lock’ feature, which is generally not supported by all the mobile operating systems. The number of themes on the website exceeds a count of over seven hundred and fifty thousand. And once again the themes are segregated into the same twenty five categories, similar to that of wallpapers.

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Apart from the themes and wallpapers another salient feature about the website is its free ringtones. Currently Zedge.net has over six hundred and fifty thousand tones. There are twenty six genres of ringtones available on the website. Some of them are Blues, Electronica, Hip Hop, Reggae, Rock, Pop and a few more.

There is a separate category maintained known as ‘Message Tones’. The title says it all, if you are looking for any short tones for your messages you will find it under this subdivision.

Along with all of these you also get to download Zedge Text Message, here you will be able to download thousands of txts but only through the mobile website. The website will generate a code which has to be entered in its mobile site through your phone, to get that particular text message on your phone. You can also simply type it by yourself on your phone by reading it from the actual website. Again, there are different sections under text messages. You will find categories like Jokes, Love, Sayings, Quotes etc. These categories are further classified into sub-divisions, which makes it easier for visitors to download according to their preferences.

There are additional filters given on the website to make downloading simple for people. There is a ‘Family Filter’ option, which when enabled does not display certain content that is not suitable for minors.
You also have an option to browse through all the downloads using five major search options.
They are:

  • Featured
  • Most Downloaded
  • Most Commented
  • Newest
  • Top Rated

Since, there are millions of files to look through on the website; these options help to make it easier for people to navigate through them.

In order to download from the website or upload any file that you would like to share, you need to sign up on the website initially. The process for registering is pretty simple and free. Once you are a registered zedge user, you will have access to millions of downloadable mobile content. The amount of content available on the website increases every day with its users uploading new files on a regular basis. Users will also have access to mobile games and apps if they logon to the mobile website using their phone.

With the growing number of Android phone users, zedge.net has recently launched an app exclusively for Android phones.  Android apps can be downloaded directly from your smartphones using the dedicated app.
Check out the official Zedge Facebook page which has over 658k fans and stay updated with the site.


This website has content for almost any mobile that has been manufactured. The website has downloads that are compatible with mobile brands like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, HTC, iPhone, Samsung, BlackBerry and several others.

Zedge is a website that has almost everything for a mobile phone, there are  millions of downloads that you can get for your phone and its all free. If you are browsing the internet searching to find mobile downloads, then zedge.net is one of the best websites that you should check out.