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Yahoo Images is a great place to search for images with lots of options that you will love. I really find it useful and I can say it is as good as the Google Image Search but as always I would like your opinion on it as well.

With Yahoo Images you will be able to filter images according to size, Color, Flickr Options, copyright declaration and more. As soon as you get onto the Yahoo Image Search page you will notice a feature called as Featured Slideshows mainly with different celebrity pictures.

Also you will be able to see the trending image searches by users like you and me across the world. So you can be sure that there is some news going on related to the pictures you see on this section.

Now all you have to do is type in something like a celebrity name or anything that you would like to search in the form of images.

Yahoo Images Search

The Yahoo Images page does look jazzy and is bound to attract you. Visit Yahoo Images @

As an example I pick “Emma Watson” to search for her images and you will see a dropdown option with suggestions related to Emma Watson.

On the right hand side in the next screen you will notice the related people to Emma Watson like Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Robert Pattinson, Katie Leung, Tom Felton and host of other people who are her co-stars and are related to her somehow.

If you notice closely below the Yahoo Images search bar you will find two primary options:

Wallpaper – You can select this to find Emma Watson wallpapers on Yahoo image search.

Black and White – Used to find only the black and white Emma Watson’s pictures.

You will also the option More Filters which reveals host of other options like:

Picture Size – Wallpaper, Large, Medium, Small, Custom (You can choose your own picture resolution)

Color – Black and White or Color

Flickr Options – Show all images, From Flickr, Not from Flickr (To find images)

Image copyrights – Creator allows reuse, Commercial use, Remix, tweak and build upon (Features for a person who is going to use the wallpapers for some purpose including personal and business).

So lets say you decided to open a picture from the Yahoo Images.  These are the things that you will see:

  • Name of the Picture (according to its source)
  • Resolution of the picture
  • Copyright notice
  • View full image directly or visit the website where the images are hosted at
  • As a bonus you will also see more image results at the top and also related images to what you are looking for, in our case its Emma Watson.

On the left hand side you can Turn off Safe search to view images for adults and strictly no children can turn this off.

Extra: New Facebook Album Search
You can connect your Yahoo and Facebook accounts to search for you Friends albums. so its basically a search engine for Facebook albums I believe.

I guess this detailed summary is going to help someone who likes to use Yahoo Images to search for images on the Internet. If you liked this post then share it on your Facebook profile!

  • TechPakora

    but its very hard to beat google images even bing can’t do this