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In the crowded world of social media, a new presence has managed to appear. Welcome to Yagoloo.com – a Free Chat Website that’s more chat-orientated and less of a social networking site like that of – Facebook and Twitter. So if you are bored and would like to free chat now, then don’t waste another second!

Logging in

Getting started with Yagoloo is pretty simple if you already have a social media account. You can sign with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, FourSquare and many others. Or you can choose to remain anonymous by opting for the “Step in as a guest” option.

Available Options

After you have signed in, a beautiful colored window will pop up. First off you will need to fill out your profile details. If you have signed in with Facebook like me, most of the work will have already been done for you. Type in your name, your desired description, email, country, your gender, age and birthday. From here you get to also choose the picture which will serve you as avatar. Once inside your Yagoloo account, you can now view your Friends, Your visitors and customize your privacy options.

The Visitors option, to see who visited your profile is something most of social networks have managed to not implement it, but here on Yagoloo you can see who has been visiting your profile. But just if you have enough Y-points. Points can be accumulated when you interact within the site, but if you’re anxious and can’t wait there’s also the option of just buying them.



Choose the appropriate room

Once you have finished updating and polishing your profile it’s time to find a room in which you can chat. Another pop up will help you decide where to go. Try browsing through the Recommended Rooms and Popular Rooms. Note: This is a popular social network for the Eastern world, so you will find a lot of chat rooms dedicated to Asian or Arabic countries like Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan but also more casual rooms like Just Girls, Play WORDS Game or Valentine’s Day Party.

Use this link to check out all the available Yagoloo Chat Rooms: http://www.yagoloo.com/rooms

Start chatting

Once you decide which room you’d like to be in, click on it and just like that you’ll be connected with the fun. The general chat supports all-user interactions, but if you spotted somebody who has your interests you can click on their image and find out more information about them, by reading stuff on their profile. To interact with the user you can either opt to send him/her a message or just Add them to friends.

On your right there’s a feed stream where you can see what friend requests and new messages you have received. Just click on Read and a mini window will pop up with your message.

The website design is quite fun and inviting, so if you ever feel like looking for some friends, you should definitely try out this freshly developed social network. However be advised that Yagoloo is currently in Beta, so some features may not be working fully, just yet.

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