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Way2sms Login is all that you need to get into in order to Send SMS online for free. Way2sms.com is the leading free sms site in the world, it’s better than 160by2 for sure.

You will have to spend a lot of money if you are someone who uses sms to be in touch with friends and family members. Way2sms is a simple website that you can use to send SMS to anyone in India for free.

Way2sms registration is absolutely free and you would need to use a real mobile number in order to become a verified user. If you are already a Way2sms registered user then login here: Way2sms login or register over here Way2sms registration.

Just remember few things when you are about to input details on the Way2sms Login page:

Never save your login info on a public computer including cyber cafes, libraries, schools, colleges and Offices. Because you don’t want some stranger to be sending sms to your Way2sms contacts. Also you don’t want them to read the sms that you have sent using way2sms because sent sms are stored in your account.

Way2SMS | login

Read more here Way2sms here, I had written a small review some time ago.

What can you do with Way2sms?

1) Send free sms to mobile carriers like Airtel, Reliance, Vodafone, Idea, Tata docomo etc

2) Free sms to GSM and CDMA phones

3) 100 Free sms per day from way2sms

4) Send birthday sms, love sms, joke sms, friendship sms and more.

5) Way2sms gmail and waysms Yahoo mail – To check your email from Office and School!

And more such awesome features, so don’t wait another minute and send your sms by getting into the way2sms login page now! If you use any other free sms website to send sms do let us know and we will be glad to review about it on NPXP.


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  1. Cheyan Seenu says:

    hai ithu eappdi nu earukkavathu theriuma

  2. hai

  3. soma konar says:


  4. amit das says:


  5. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii raj

  6. hai iam srinu.were are you send me the message fast…..

  7. prakash suthar B. says:

    Hell.how are you my friends. way2sms service is the wonderfull sms in india

  8. Hey Kamal, You are right. way2sms service is the best sms service in India for sure

  9. dear kamal hasa i can send to sms uae

  10. Hey Kamal, You are right. way2sms service is the best sms service in India for sure

  11. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……………..

  12. it too easy to send

  13. surajit chandra says:

    Message are not sending

  14. shubham says:

    now a days way2sms is very useful its very helpful those who r chating

  15. arjun answal says:

    i like it.

  16. TAWAKKAL says:

    now iam using this way2sms. It is very good service to the people

  17. neetu chetri says:

    pls accept my id

  18. ramu akarapu says:

    1.I am very much happy, joining of way2sms family
    2.This way2sms is more usefull for sending message to friends.
    3.Free of cost only sw are joined this family,thats good.

  19. shivam singh says:

    message is not sending

  20. im very happy to use this

  21. Its really very very difficult to register a new account………..

  22. now a days way2sms is very useful its very helpful those who r chating

  23. OMKAR BAJPAI says:

    I USED this sms servise website.Its v useful for users who currently touches with own friends………

  24. Nice

  25. They do sometimes ad ads at the end of sms.. But it’s the best sms service in India for sure!

  26. IT is bad website for window7

  27. pagadam rajesh says:

    hai frenzs dis z rajesh……………. way2sms is d 1of best msnger in my net knowledge

  28. mere ko kabhi b aisa msg ni read karne ko mila ki mai or meri gf read kr hans pade .so pls send romantic msg

  29. main nahi janta ki ye sab kaise hota hain

  30. it is very very difficult to register a new account.

  31. its very difficult to register new account.

  32. HI! Iam sudhir chauhan.IN my knowledge way2sms is one of the best service to sending sms via net.

  33. sumit kumar says:

    HI i am use alrady for send the free sms by the http://www.way2sms.com/ pleace how to make money withe way 2 sms .com

  34. thiruthani says:

    i used way2sms website very useful now !!

  35. PRADIP BISWAS says:

    Hey Kamal, You are right. way2sms service is the best sms service in India for sure!

  36. bapat pramod says:

    i wish to send free sms via way-sms.
    Pl register & confirm.

  37. Narendra says:

    I love my friends

  38. Does it add advertise at the end of the SMS messages. Well, I will certainly check it out. Let’s see. I have always been using 160by2 for sending free SMS


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