Virtual Baby Games

Do you like Virtual Baby Games? If you do then we will tell you a great website where you can have your own Virtual baby that you can adopt and make it your own.

How would you like to take care of your virtual baby? You can Walk your baby, Burp your baby, Change Diaper and take care of it like a real baby.

You need to do certain task for your Virtual baby and you would be earning points for it. With the points that you earn you are eligible to buy so many virtual stuffs to pamper your virtual baby to the maximum.

These are some of the Items that you can purchase for your virtual baby with the points that you earn by taking care of your baby:

Virtual Baby

  • Baby Gym
  • Apple Sauce
  • Bananas
  • Mozart Magic Cube
  • Octivity time
  • Swing
  • Formula
  • Soothing Sea Crib Toy
  • Ocean Wonders
  • and many more..

Each item costs points to buy so the more you take care of your baby you can provide more stuffs for your virtual baby. Virtual Baby Games might sound ridiculous to some but in fact its one of the many ways a Parent, Father or Mother can cherish about before a real baby is born..

I love baby, You love baby and everybody does! And when they are your own the satisfaction and excitement is too much to describe with words. So why not try a free game where you can have your own virtual baby for free! is a great free website to play the Virtual Baby Games online. Check them out here @ You  can also play Virtual Baby puzzle games and also check out the cool baby rap videos as well.

Virtual Baby Games are something special to many people and I hope at least some of you loved this post. Do share it with your friends so that they are aware of it. We will be covering more such Virtual Baby Games websites hereafter.

As said is for every one. So we tend to cover wide array of topics to fit everyone’s need. I hope you enjoyed this post!

  • taylor

    huh i have no idea wat is going on

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  • Jessica

    Hey ! I own a virtual baby and here is a little bit about her :
    First Name : Layla
    Middle Name : Rose
    Last Name : (my last name wich i will not put for safty reasons)
    Age : 2 Days Old
    Color Hair : Brown
    Gender : Girl
    Fave Food : Applesuace
    Fave Thing : Baby Swing
    Status : Happy

    • Kamal Hasa

      Hi Jessica,

      That is so sweet of you to share the baby details :)

  • Dacey

    This is very interesting way to learn that how to handle your small infant baby. Playing a virtual baby game may help you to handle a baby.

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  • Robert

    Thanks for the post, but honestly I find the game quite disturbing …

    • Kamal Hasa

      Haha and what is the reason 😉

  • Cc

    so lovely.i love

    • Anonymous

      i hate it i hate it i cant figure out anything im so mad