| VahChef recipes is an Indian cooking website which has thousands of cooking recipes and videos. Vahchef inspires you to cook using simple ingredients with great taste.

For all those who love to cook and are in the learning stage of cooking this is a perfect website where you can learn more about cooking.

The chef not only cooks but he also gives various tips which will be very useful while cooking. Even a small tip about cooking can make a lot of change in your dish. All this is done by one flexible and cheery person Sanjay Thumma the vahchef. His expression talks about the dish that he prepares.

You can find any recipe simple as well as complicated. has Over 25000 Authentic Indian food recipes not only that the users can also share their recipes. You can find recipes of Indian appetizers and snacks, Indian Pickles, Indian Breads, Festival Foods, Biryani & rices, Non-Vegetarian, Baking, Sea foods, Indian Beverages, Soups and Salads, Indian Vegetarian to Sweets and desserts and microwave cooking with tips, Photos and videos.


The Vahrehvah videos are the most desirable part of this Recipe website. The chef is an awesome entertainer and is quite interesting to get involved with whatever he is doing. For example check out this video by the Vahchef:

In this website you can also find Indian ethnic food such as Punjabi Cuisine , Andhra cuisine , Tamilnadu cuisine , Gujarathi cuisine , Goan cuisine , Mughalai cuisine , Rajastani cuisine , Maharastrain cuisine , Kerala cuisine , Karnataka cuisine.

The best part of this website is they have video recipes which makes it easy and one can have a look at how it is being done. And also learn how to cook well with the step by step procedures explained in an easy way. If you have any doubt regarding cooking then the vahchef will clear it for you. You can also register yourself to know new recipes that are added every day.

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