How to Unzip files Online?

I have found these website where you can Unzip Files Online for free right from your browser. Since these are all online tools you don’t have download unzip softwares like Winzip or 7 Zip.

If you’re on the newer Windows operating system then you would not require the WinZip software or even these free tools since it has the capability to unzip and zip without any utility. This is because it has something called as Windows decompression utility which takes care of the job.

So this is a list of website for the people who are not on Windows or probably in a situation where you need an online tool to unzip files right from your browser.

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1) B1 Unzip Online Tool

B1 Online Archiver

Without a doubt B1 online archiver takes the cake when you need a tool to unzip or Unrar files online. You can preview the files once B1 unzips for you and download whichever file that you’re in need of. You do not have to worry about your security because all the files are deleted from the server as soon as you close the page. The supported file formats include 7Z, zip, rar, gzip and more.


unzip online

If you want to unzip online and the file size is huge then this is your option. This website can unzip files online which are up to 200 MB. This also supports rar files with zip files as well.

3) Files 2 zip

Files 2 zip
Files 2 zip is another unzip online utility that you can use directly from your browser.

4) Ezyzip


Ezyzip is an amazing tool which helps you zip and unzip files according your choice. It simply means that this on the site that you would need when you need to press and decompress archived files without a software.

5) Wobzip


With Wobzip you can unzip files online even if the compressed archive has password associated with it. Browse the file from your computer and type in the password and wobzip will take care of the rest.

6) Open Zip File

Open Zip File
Open Zip File

This site again helps you zip and unzip online without downloading software like WinZip or 7Z. You can choose up to 10 files to zip it online with this site. And the supported formats include .zip, .rar, .tar, .tgz.

Finally here are some of the other alternatives in case you need more of these kinds:

I guess we have compiled all of the best zip and unzip online tools that are available for you. If you know any other site which does a similar job and we have missed out on it then use the comment box below and let us know.

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  • Max

    That site is dead. But there’s an alternative –

  • Unzip Online


    Unzip online has raised the upload max from 25 to 75 megabytes!
    Check it out at Zip Online

  • Jan

    Thank you, unzip online is a great tool to unzip and zip files online!

    Great site!

  • sand

    I use this software and i like it a lot it is easy to use and helpful thanks for the post

  • herry

    why we should not use win rar for that purpose it is a very light weight software just install it and use it at any time without internet

  • Astra

    This program is really great. But file size limit is a major drawback.

  • Rajib

    I use WinRar software. But it really interesting to unzip files into online. Thanks for share.

  • Luke

    WOW!! This has been the fastest way what I can certainly unzip my files in a more efficient manner. I am definitely going to recommend it too many of my fellows as they deal daily with archiving these zip files!! Also, when I tried to use it, UI is quite clean, easy & simple!! Thanks!!

  • Kevin

    This would be awesome.I a not a fan of Compressing Softwares especially because most of them are paid. Uziponline is one of its kind and really helpful.

  • Torry

    I am using linux,you can unzip most of the file type,otherwise you can download many unzip softwares from software repositories