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_________________________________ is the next random chat site that we are going to write about for you. There is no video chat support on Tohla but you can still have some fun with text chat with strangers.

Just before we write about this site you might be wondering about the meaning of the word Tohla. So here it is:

T – Try
O – Online
H – Hunting of
L – Love and
A – Amity

Call it lame or just one more Omegle alternative but people are on Tohla for one reason, to have some neat fun chatting with strangers online. Interesting sites: Have you checked out the post about Sites Like Chatroulette here on npxp? Or you could also chat with God @ iGod chat lol!

It ain’t no Omegle killer but still has got some nice things that might interest you while you are online. is just focused at the people who are interested in random text chat rather than the unpredictable video chat.


So in one way or the other you can call this site a little safer than compared to other video chat sites. If you already have experiences on the cam sites you will know what I mean.

Anyways the interface of Tohla is pretty similar to that of Omegle and it’s zillions of clone sites on the web. But it has got 3 features that is wroth given it a try on Tohla.

1) Smileys
2) Hot or Not
3) Draw and Share

Nothing fancy though about the features cos you might already know some sits dealing with the above topics. Anyhow it’s cool to see the cute smileys on a random chat site which is very rare and also it gives you the old feeling of chatting on your Yahoo or MSN messenger.

As far as Hot or Not is considered you can pick either male or female pictures to vote from. Also you can upload your photo and let people vote you as hot or not.

And finally Draw and Share feature can be really interesting if you find a good partner to chat with. Whatever the case is its just purely to kill time and you can very well do so with Tohla.

But if you want something more than what Tohla has to offer then don’t think twice to check out our topic on Sites Like Omegle. You will find as much as 25 random chat sites with text and video chat facility to kill your time online with a total stranger!

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  1. Now tohla is available in India –

  2. First to hear Tohla site,.. thanks for heads up!
    heading to check this site.

  3. It’s seems that it’s similar to chatroulette but without video option. I think it’s not bad because video option attracts lots of freaks etc.

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