TinyURL.com is one of the best and the oldest URL shortening website on the Internet. For many years now Tinyurl has helped us shorten big url’s that are impossible to memorize.

Over a period of time Tinyurl.com has become a main part of many Internet users daily activity. Especially the people who love to share interesting, funny and amazing links to different websites.

Tinyurl was found by Kevin Gilbertson in January 2002. It is quite evident that he did not like long URL’s much and that is why probably the short URL concept striked his mind. We are glad that at least this web developer created a masterpiece which would solve the huge problem of sharing nasty, gibberish long links with our friends.

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It is quite easy to use Tinyurl.com:

1)   Go to http://Tinyurl.com

2)   Paste a long URL in the box mentioned on the website.

3)   Click on “Make TinyURL!” button.

4)   That’s it.

5)   Optionally: You can also mention a custom alias, like “mynewlink” for example. So the converted long link would have the words that you mentioned in the custom alias  box instead of random letter and numbers.

It is popularly used by webmasters, bloggers to hide affiliate links with their referral id. It is one of the ways they use Tinyurl to avoid letting others know that it is an affiliate link.

TinyURL.com also has an option to preview the shortened links using their service. Visit: http://tinyurl.com/preview.php and enable preview links. So whenever you click any of the Tinyurl links it will show you the exact url where you will be taken to. So only when you click on “Proceed to site” then you will be taken to that URL. This is used to make sure that you do not fall for traps set up by scamsters. You never know what might be behind those short URL’s. So in case if you worry about your safety online then I recommend you to activate this option.

There are hundreds of sites like Tinyurl.com but the original website is still very popular. The name TinyURL has become a term to shorten URL, so it will stay on the Internet for a very long time I guess.

If you use TinyURL.com or any similar sites then do let us know your experience. Share it with your family and friends especially the people who are new on the Internet who are old. They will definitely benefit from TinyURL in one way or the other.

  • Marlin

    Yea, the BitLy is also good. Actually both are great at shortening links.

  • Joseph

    I’ve been using this for more than a year since and it is easy to use. My past client share this link when I working for his company.Since then I never use any shorten link.

  • Arpan

    Thanks for such an informative post. But tell me, how is tinyurl better or different from a service like BitLy or Is.Gd where the links are even shorter?

    • http://npxp.com Kamal Hasa

      But Tinyurl.com is one of the first short url sites to appear on the internet. The rest are just clones of it with better features.

  • Betty

    I like the fact that you can make a custom alias! Thanks for this information! Best regards.