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For users in need of multiple file management, we want to draw attention to a service called Syncplicity that provides optimal file synchronization and requires little of your attention once you have installed it and set it up. Unlike most syncing software out there, Syncplicity will work across PCs, Macs, iPads, Android devices and here’s the special addition, Google Docs.

Users have the opportunity to sign up for a free edition by registering for an account. A free plan includes 2GB of storage, syncing up to 2 computers and mobile devices, working with unlimited files or folders and getting support from the community forum. However the Personal and Business edition are both paid options. So you make an idea of what the other editions would add to the experience, the Personal Edition that comes at $15/per month features 50GB of storage, allows the syncing of maximum 5 computers or mobile devices and access to Priority support.

The installation process runs smoothly. You will be prompted to type in the email, password and computer name you registered when you signed up. Once installed on your machine, Syncplicity will ask you to synchronize documents, pictures and other data situated on your desktop for example. You can choose to back up and start syncing your personal folders or you can choose specific folders which are to be synchronized. The Folder Synchronization&Sharing tab from where you will be adding the data allows you to add Desktop, Doc, Favorite, Music and Picture folders. Adding folders is extremely easy, all you have to do is right click on them and voila! they pop up in Syncplicity. You can also share them with somebody else.

You can either go for the Free Personal edition of Syncplicity or even try their business plan free for 30 days:

Syncplicity Review
Syncplicity Review

When you click the OK button and you expect the program to start doing its business, the interface magically disappears. We got a little scare there but thankfully a small syncing window popped up to assure us the procedure worked, by giving off the following message: “This computer is synchronized. Syncplicity is waiting for files to change.” Data you choose to sync will be safely stored inside Syncplicity servers.

After a little while this window will disappear into the void as well. You will find the Syncplicity icon in the system tray however. Hovering over it should show you that the program did a good job and 100% synchronized.

Syncplicity can also showcase a list of the folders you recently synced or of those who got recently updated. The display detailed status option will let you know whether or not there are some files left to upload or download.

With Syncplicity users will get another neat feature – the ability to choose exactly how much network bandwidth they end up using. Choose how many downloads at a time can be performed or what the maximum upload speed should be.

You can also check out this link and compare the 3 different plans that Syncplicity has to offer you:

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