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_________________________________ is a website where you can share and watch videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and other websites with other friends and relatives at the same instance as you do. This way you can be sure that the wonderful moment of watching a video and sharing the feelings at the same time is now made possible no matter where you stay in the world.

The expanding number of services in the online environment, has made users of social media stretch their necks trying to cover it all. Most of us have a Facebook account, but that’s not close to enough. If for example you are a music lover you should also have a account of a Spotify one and if you really loves watching videos you should sign up to YouTube too and so on. But in the end it all boils down to one thing – you sharing your list on Facebook so your friends can see you recent likes or trying to sync your SlideShare account to your Twitter account and so on. At the end of the day, the social media user might feel exhausted. But there’s an alternative of being a constant presence everywhere, at all times.

Welcome to  – a new website that recognized the need for synchronization and unity. Thus the team behind the service has come up with a very interesting solution to the issue we just highlighted. The website invites users to create their own chat room and then try to gather all the people that might be interested in what’s shared within, so everybody can see everything that’s going on at the same time. No exceptions!

Building you very own customized chat room

To start building your own channel, click the “Create a room” orange button at the center of the main page. You can immediately start uploading media. For starters you can search for videos on YouTube. For example you can look for your favorite artist – U2 – let’s say. Then you will have to choose the videos you want to share with your friends and drag and drop them on the right part of the screen. However if you can’t find what you need on YouTube, you can proceed to Load media directly via URL. Have a VIMEO link you want to show the world? Copy it from the mother website and then paste in the URL space on You can copy/paste links from Dailymotion,, Soundcloud,,, Livestream, USTREAM, Slideshare or Imgur.

Update: It’s sad to see that this cool website has been shutdown way before I could even post an article about it. That’s Internet for you my friend! But I am sure it’ll be back soon, hopefully. If there are any other alternative websites like SynchTube I’ll try to make a new post on it soon. Check out this website, you might probably like it!



Show your friends your favorite videos. Start sharing

After you are done adding everything you deem worthy of showing your friends, you can start sharing the link of the channel to your friends. Once they join the have the opportunity to Just Observe what’s going on in the chat room or Join the Chat and say a few things about what you have posted. People invited to peek, can Like or Unlike a certain video, they can initiate the Toggle option or Toggle the webcam. However the cam functionality is currently in Beta testing, so we suggest you try that later on. People invited to the chat room can also post videos of their own.

Join already constructed chat rooms

If you however enjoy doing some peering of your own, you can skip the Creation of chat room part and just try and join one of the already available chat rooms. Popular chat rooms include Vidya4chantemp, Original, xchanOFFICIAL, ponenyymit or MyLittleRP. Read on the chat room description to find out which one would be interesting for you. Once you found something worthy of attention, just choose a screen name and start chatting while watching entertaining videos.

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