SMSfi is a website which you can use it to send Free SMS to anyone in India from around the world. Login to SMSfi and enjoy many awesome features and info related to Greeting, Videos, Photos, Games, Jobs and Contests.

It falls into the same category as sites such as Way2sms, 160by2 and Whozzat. But SMSfi claims that they do not add ads at the end of sms, so that should be something new for many of us who use free sms websites.

With SMSfi you can send free sms to India from any country in the world as long as you have registered a free account on the site. Like Way2sms you can also setup an Online address book with SMSfi and send group sms as well.

You can also send ready to send sms in various categories to your friends and loved ones for free. There is also a feature called as SMS alert that can be used to alert yourself by setting up a sms if you have any events, parties to attend. The said features of SMSfi are available to anyone who signs up for a free account. So how you will utilize the service is up to you and the possibilities are endless with


For example you can use the Automatic sms feature to send birthday wishes to your friends exactly at 12 o clock. This way you will be the first person to wish someone on their birthday, anniversary or anything for that matter. If you are totally into sending forwards to your group of friends then save a lot of money with the group sms feature from SMSfi. With SMSfi you can send 70 free sms per day and each sms can have a maximum of 130 characters count. is not just another free sms site, it is a portal full of information and offers various services. You can find the following on SMSfi:

1) Online Greeting Cards
2) Job Portal
3) Play Online games
4) Read Astrology
5) Download Wallpapers
6) SMS Wall
7) Cricket Section
8 ) Government Job Postings, Career test and more..

Register at @ using your phone number, name and email id. And start sending free sms from your home, office or even school with Internet access.

If you already have an account then login to SMSfi from their homepage @

You can also catch them up at their facebook page @ SMSfi Facebook with over 13k other fans.

  • rajesh

    are login page kaha par hai yar pichle 03 hours se doodh raha hu sale logo ko ullu banate ho ads dehaneke liye

  • Sandy

    SMSfi is really good to send free messages. I am using way2sms to send free messages to my friends. Now I will surely register in SMSfi to send more messages.Thanks for updating this information with us.

  • Wayne

    And when will the website arrive that we can send texts to any country from…..for free **BIG GRIN**