List of Slang Dictionary and Websites

Here is a collection of websites if you’re interested in Slang dictionary and Slang words. We have included dictionaries and websites where you can get the meanings of various words from the Internet slang, American slang and other popular slang words from our history and the current times.

Let us look into the websites where you can discover the meaning of slang words on the Internet with this post. The word slang itself has an unknown origin but it seemed to have surfaced during some time in the 18th century.

Before we dive into the Online Slang Dictionary websites let’s try to understand what slang is. It is a common understanding that slang words are informal and it is used mainly by a group of people from a particular place or it could be a thing with a certain community, like the Internet users. Slang, in reality is a word or a phrase used while speaking mostly to someone who gets it. And the times you don’t check out the below sites to find out the slang words meaning.

With the dawn of the Internet it has come to a position that knowing certain Internet slang words is a necessary in our daily lives. It doesn’t stop right there because slang originated and spread across the world way, way before the Internet did. So why don’t you look through these websites and understand various slang words that ever existed in our times, it’s huge by the way.

I’ll try to keep this article brief and try to introduce you to many dictionary websites that can help you understand more about this topic and a whole lot of uncommon words.

List of Slang Dictionary and Slang Websites:

Aaron Peckham is the person behind Urban Dictionary (UD) website. It was started as a parody website of The most famous slang dictionary available on the Internet was started in 1999 and is now said to have more than 7 million definitions.

Personal Favorite: Urban

People on the Internet like you and me started submitting slang words and upon approval the words were added to its database, things haven’t change the way it works and now it’s huge. Personally urban dictionary is my choice of website when I come across a slang word which I don’t have a clue about. And if you are using the Internet for a while then this website doesn’t come in as a surprise to you, does it?

Slang Dictionary

1) Online Slang Dictionary

Walter Rader is the creator of Online Slang Dictionary website, otherwise known as the OSD. It is said to have started in 1996 so technically they are much older than the urban dictionary. You can use the site to check words ranging from American slang to urban slang. Like the above website (UD) this has a search box in it as well very can input the word and try to find out its slang meaning.

2) No Slang

This dedicated slang dictionary website focuses on the Internet slang, Twitter slang and a whole lot of other acronyms. It is deemed to be very useful if you are trying to decode slang from a text message from a stranger or if you stumble upon something else beyond your known vocabulary.

3) Internet Slang

As the name of the website suggests it is all about the Internet Slang.

4) Peevish Slang

And here is a site dedicated to the heap of British Slang words from the UK and alike.


From the house of here is a section dedicated to slang words and colloquialisms.


We cannot miss out on the Aussie slang can we, mate?


And of course the Irish Slang.


And we have to include a site dedicated to the American slang words in our list. This site is pretty interesting, go check it out.


Brush up your Slang Vocabulary with this website!

We truly hope that these websites come in handy for you. Share it with your friends if you think they will make use of it as well! You know, it’s good to slang with your buddies.