Six Billion Secrets is website dedicated to the people online who like to share their secret which they could not with anyone else. This is your opportunity to share your Secret anonymously online without any worries

Not trying to be sentimental or anything with this post but Life is not always happy and you do not get everything you want. is a part of the network who own a plenty of other awesome websites online. The tagline of Six Billion Secrets is “Everyone Has a Secret. What’s Yours?”. has quite a lot of categories to fit your little secret into including Friends, Hope, Love and Self-Esteem. Six Billion Secrets also features the top stories for the Week, Month, Year and all time. has a very awesome community which shares and understand the feeling that someone is going through. You can share your fear, failure, loss, happy secrets that you want to express to someone but can’t find anyone to do so.

Visit Six Billion Secrets @ and tell us what you feel about this website.

I love Solitude and am sure there are others who agree with me that its nice to be a little secretive. So this is your chance to be secretive and still share it with real human beings who can comment on it without knowing who you really are.

With you can Submit a Secret, Vote on others secret and also check out Random secrets from anonymous people online. As someone said to me that you really don’t need these kind of websites until you discover one and make it a part of your life.

In order to Submit to Six Billion Secrets:

1) Just follow this link:

2) Fill in your name, it can be real or anonymous

3) Type in City or a State (optional)

4) Select a Category

5) Type in your Secret story or a Secret message

6) Enter the text shown in the box correctly

7) Hit ‘Submit’ and you are done!

When you submit a Secret story to it is voted as Yes or No on the ‘Vote on Upcoming Secrets’ page. After 7 days the secret story with the maximum Yes votes will be reviewed by one of the staff members who review it and publish them on the website.

You can also install the Android app to access the site and share your secret directly from your mobile phone:

Or you can simply visit to access Six Billion Secrets via a mobile phone.

  • Mike

    This is nice. Just like the other project called Post Secret. Great site to help people get things out of their chests.

  • Louise

    I thought the Six billion secrets has something to do with billionaire’s secret to be one. It is interesting site because I could be able to read other people’s confessions. And this site reminds me of FMLife, givesmehope, and one sentence.

  • Kevin

    The Concept is really interesting and unique.I am going to have a look at this site and see whether I can uncover any secret.

    Thank You for sharing this site.

  • Raymund

    Well, I might add my secrets in the site. I cannot tell anybody I know, might as well tell it to millions of anonymous people.

  • Nimita Rao

    great post.
    I want to follow your suggestion. thanks.

  • Danielle

    This is a great service. Sometimes, I feel that there is a weight pressing against my chest. But, I feel better when I share my agony with someone else.

  • essay

    Interesting site. It’s easier to share your secret with someone who do not know you.

  • ashish

    May be you dont like those and cal as vague but this is a platform for you to express…

  • Alex@Best Hosting UK

    The owner of the site could track peoples IPs then use the information to blackmail people with, just a thought

    • Kamal Hasa

      Alex, that’s ridiculous 😉

  • fred | finally fast

    This is a neat idea and I’ve seen it implemented elsewhere on the internet. The commenter above just mentioned another. I was excited to check this one out but I must say I was a bit disappointed. A lot of these “secrets” are just too vague and often tame to be very interesting. To me, at least.

    “My parents yelled at me and my friends didn’t care”.

    Let’s hope it turns out to be more than an outlet for frustrated teens!


    • Kamal Hasa

      Hey Fred, I know how you feel reading those stuffs but teenagers are everywhere and you can’t avoid them from whining.
      But Six Billion Secrets does have some serious issues being exposed, so just ignore the whining and browse through the site and am sure you will like it :)

  • Sourav

    I love this website.
    Anyway why your other pages show page not found.


  • BB

    Just checked out this site. I must say i find it entertaining to read other peoples secrets. There is just something exciting about it. I need to bookmark this one and come back when i have a little less work to do, i could easily waste half a day there.

  • IPD

    Interesting site. I like which is in similar line.
    Thanks for the share.