Sites Like YouTube

There are plenty of Sites Like YouTube and some of them are better than the actual in their own ways. These are some of the coolest YouTube alternative websites that I have collected for you. And you can also comment on this post to add your own personal favorite Sites like YouTube, I would appreciate that! has been catching up with the competition on the Internet but frankly there is no other video site or a tube that is even decent enough to call it is a YouTube killer. Youtube has come off age and now they have dedicated pages for full length movies, Youtube Music and also TV Shows.

If that wasn’t good enough you can always find something good on the YouTube Live page. Hulu on the other hand is said to be something that can compete directly with Youtube when it comes to TV Shows and Movies but then due to the limited coverage (Only US and Japan) makes it pretty much useless for the Rest of the World.

Sites like Youtube
Sites like Youtube

Do check out these Sites Like Omegle if you like chatting with random people online.

1) takes the top place as the number 1 site like Youtube. HULU has everything from TV shows to Movies and everything video. But the sad part is that it is currently only available in the United States. There is no proven method to bypass the country restriction through proxy sites, vpn and such methods.

2) was started in the same year as the Youtube and it has grown parallel with the Video Tube by Google.


It’s all about the 5 minutes video on and it has got some useful tutorial that you will regret if you don’t watch it now!


WWITV has videos from all over the Internet integrated and assorted in different categories much like the Google Video website.


What can you expect out of a Video website where 17,000 odd videos are uploaded every day? Well if you are a film maker or like film making then vimeo is for you for sure.


Ustream has all the live broadcasted videos and such.. Also it has some cool videos uploaded by people like you and me.


You blinkx and you miss something on this video site. Blinkx is the largest video search engine on the Internet. You will never get bored with the top viral videos on the web and it just keeps getting more and more everyday.

8 )

College Humor as the name suggests is all about teenage comedy videos from all over the world. You will literally laugh to sleep watching some of the coolest funniest videos on the web.


DailyMotion is much like Youtube and it has a wide range of categories for you to spend some quality time online. has all the videos in the world of Politics, Lifestyle, Music, Arts, Sports and much more..


The lesser known video site that was overshadowed by Youtube is Google video. It’s the mother of all video search engines and you can get all types of videos there.


The craziest, stupidest, coolest and funniest videos are shared on Metacafe. Movie trailers is the flavor of Metacafe and you will run into many categories of videos for any type of mood that you are going through at any point of time.


Viddler mostly used by people who share videos with a particular community. It can help save a lot of bandwidth that you might be spending on video streaming.


A site like YouTube from and it has its own fair share of viewers. Its just another great way to waste your life online watching videos!


Documentaries, TV shows and much more only on


You deserve a Break if you have been working too hard at office or studying too much. is the craziest place on the Internet where you will find some hilarious and crazy funny videos.


Just another Site like Youtube.


The site is no more after Myspace took over. You must be able to figure out the rest of the story..

18 )

Google vs Yahoo vs MSN, need to say more?


let’s see, what can you expect from a site which is titled as No prizes for guessing this because we all love stupid videos and we want more of it!


An internet television company which has got some good videos for your entertainment.

21) Game Trailers

A true video site for Gamers!


For the web series audience on NPXP.


For the spiritual..


And then there is the Myspace Video Page.

I hope my effort in presenting you with a good number of Sites Like YouTube was worth it.

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    Hay buddy, Thank you composing this sort of excellent post, really will help my home out in some ways

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    I support, users can easily upload videos there and they offer a wide range of embedding facilities and formats so that videos can be displayed in all kinds of cms.

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      Hay buddy, Thank you composing this sort of excellent post, really will help my home out in some ways

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    I actually love vimeo.. It is one of those sites where I can watch a number of short films uploaded by independent filmakers themselves.. I have seen some very good films over at vimeo. However, judging from the list above it seems I am also missing a number of sites as well. I will be checking them out. Thanks :)