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SendHub is a service that lets you send free text message online and also a solution to call small or a large group of people in an efficient manner. This service is beneficial to the people who would like to send out messages or make calls to a set of people, like a manager of a company, teacher or someone who handles a team of people and wants to quickly send out messages on time..

As communication means advancement, we might find ourselves in a point of time where we realize that the email has become an outdated information channel, especially if you are dealing with sending messages in-bulk. This seems to be the opinion of the team behind that has devised a service that simplifies the process of sending mass-messages. And it does not only deliver the information, but makes sure the information is read, on time.

While using SMS services might be restricting not only in monetary terms but also in terms of how many contacts can be reached with the intended message, SendHub achieves the impossible and manages to by-pass such limits. The service allows its users to send message up to 5,000 at a time. That is a truly a massive number! Sure, you could use email for that as well, but the question remains the same. What are people more likely to read? An email or an SMS.  We think the answer is the latter.

If the description above sounds tempting, all one has to do is register on the website and log in with your info. Users will then receive a free number. To share the information with the relevant people, registered parties should share your group via Facebook or Twitter and people can opt to join it and add their personal information. Then the next time you need to reach all your friends and family let’s say, just text the number provided to you by the service upon registration. Sendhub might prove to be particularly useful to business or institutions. Think of a University who needs to alert its students of a change in schedule or a team leader that has to update the entire department with the meeting time.

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SendHub - Send Free Text Message
SendHub – Send Free Text Message

SendHub is very attentive and monitors the activity of the service in order to prevent users from being spammed. That’s why feedback is a very important component of SendHub, so each message features an embedded feedback link where messages receive ratings or are blocked.

Here is a video intro of the Sendhub Service:

The newest addition to SendHub has been the adding of Voice Calling. So users can now choose between having a conference call or sending texts in bulks to their targeted audience. And if you switch to Premium you can also unlock the feature of voicemail transcription.

That’s right, like every interesting service we have stumbled upon so far, SendHub features some paid version which is perfect for Business use. There’s the Basic option which comes at $10/month or the Pro version for $50/month or the above mentioned Premium which is $150/month. The Pro version for example extends the number of free Voice Minutes per Month from 60 in the Free version to 750. It also allows you to include in your group of interest up to 1,000 people, while the maximum number of recipients per message is set to 1,500.

For starter users, we recommend you try the Free version out first, as to get an image of what the service really offers. Basic features are included in the Free versions so there’s no use jumping to the paid version from the get-go.

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Use the Sendhub service and see if upgrading to the paid plan is worth it, we are sure it is. But then it is you who is going to take that decision, do let us know by commenting below if you liked this service or not. Don’t forget to share it with other friends of yours on Facebook, spread the word!

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