Santa Bot

Here is a list of Santa Bot websites wherein you can talk to Santa online for free. You need not wait for the Christmas to arrive or go to a mall in order to chat with Santa Claus.

The Santa Bot sites are powered by computer scripts which gives you a feeling that you are really talking to the real Santa. It is a great way to entertain your kids during the Christmas and spread some holiday spirit.

Christmas is all about celebrating the holidays with gifts, Christmas tree, snow and of course the beloved old man, Santa Claus with his Reindeer. Now this is your opportunity to talk to Santa virtually from the comforts of your home computer.

Below we have listed some of the best sites powered by computer bots which gives you a feeling that you are talking to Santa:


This is one of the first sites that you will find in the Google search results for Santa Bot. It is a very easy to use website where in you will find a box to enter a question or anything for that matter and you will get a reply from Santa Claus. You can continue with the conversation as you desire and you will get generic replies from the virtual Santa, though the replies are not meaningful all the time.

Santa Bot

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The Santa Bot on this site is a lot smarter than the one which you will find in the previous site. I tested it out for its accuracy and found out that it can answer a lot of general questions.


You can chat with Santa on Alice Bot website like you would on the previous websites. But the real amazement is that you will also hear Santa’s voice with an animation to all of the replies when you chat with him. This can really excite your kids and also be a great experience for the little ones.


Here is one more Santa Bot site from that can be added to our list, it does similar job like the rest of the sites above.


Here is a flash based site where you can talk to Santa; this particular Bot gives you funny replies to your crazy questions. Try asking Santa “what’s up” and check for yourself for the crazy reply that you will get. Also you will find a countdown display to the Christmas tree on the webpage.

So these are some of the top websites for Santa Bot, we do hope that this post served the purpose of entertaining your children by talking to Santa.

If you know any other websites where you can Talk to Santa then please let us know. We will be more than happy to add it up to this list. Do share this post with other parents who got kids that love Santa Claus!

  • Nash

    Christmas is the most enjoyable and a happy seasons for us because this is the only day that we spend more time with our family and friends. And also because of santa claus, I love him so much.

  • mahipal

    ha ha i checked these websites and they are really cool and funny…

  • Shannon

    Is it Christmas time yet? Haha! I love Santa bots! :)