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Looking for a quick way to enhance your photos without the hassle of downloading complicated photo editing software? Well then be sure to check out www.ribbet.com, a new interesting free online photo editing tool that has just surfaced in the myriad for newly sprung programs of the kind.

Log on to the website and upload a picture to enhance from the machine. Immediately you will be re-directed to the play ground. First off you will be confronted with the basic palette of fixes. Ribbet offers to auto-fix the photo itself, but we’re guessing you’d like to play around a little with the functionality instead.  First off try Crop, Rotate, Exposure, Colors, Sharpen or Resize. But these are the tools available on any photo editing program so we recommend moving to the effects sections instead.

The effects come in a wonderful variety starting from the popular Black&White, Sepia or Soften and going all the way to Ribbet’s own variety like Doodle or Neon. In this section you have the opportunity to boost the colors in your photographs with effects such as Boost, Lomo-ish or Cross-Process. Ribbet features an interesting set of Camera adapted effects such as HDR-ish, Bokeh-ish or Holga-ish. Amateurs of camera inspired enhancements should definitely not skip this section.

Visit Ribbet @ http://www.ribbet.com/ now!

Ribbet - Photo Editor
Ribbet – Photo Editor

Something we have not seen in many of these online editing photo tools is the possibilities of adding fun stickers. The free Life’s a Beach tool offers all kinds of funny looking stickers ranging from water balls to caps and palm trees you can add in your snapshots. However if you want to add some Summer Fun or some Daisies you will have to sign up for FREE to the website. The selection of stickers is quite massive ranging from St. Patrick’s Day to Iconian Stickers or Zoo Woodcuts. If the idea of signing up to the website doesn’t really appeal to you, you can browse through the categories – you will be able to find some that don’t necessitate signing up.

A new trend we’re noticing in these online photo enhancing tools is the addition of beautifying functionality  Ribbet is no exception in this department so if you want to look like Angelina Jolie in your pics we suggest you try the Skin fix functionality like Wrinkle Remover or Shine-Be-Gone. You can also change your eye color, add Mascara or Whiten your Teeth.

For advanced users there’s the option of playing with more advanced features, the kind that remind of Photoshop. However you will need to sing up to user Clone, Curves, Levels or Dodging.

Users looking to have some fun adding some themed enhancement can do so using the Seasonal tool. And because it’s Christmas time you can go ahead and add a Jolly Red Nose or a Santa Beard to your photographs. Remember this function as it might prove useful on other occasions as well like Mother’s Day, Easter or the 4th of July.

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