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Are you looking for Redbox codes or Redbox Locations where you can rent movies? Find out all what you need about in this article.

Redbox is a company that is into Movie and Video Game rentals business via Kiosks throughout USA. We will cover basics about Redbox and how you can get free movies via Redbox codes. Also we will help you how to find a Redbox locations in your area.

Did you know that Redbox has over 27,800 Kiosks in US and is the 5th popular movie rental company?

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Redbox codes, locations

I did a little research on how Redbox works and learnt the following:

  • You can Rent movies for 1$ per night from a wide selection of new releases.
  • If you return the rented movie with the next night (before 9 PM) then you will only have to pay 1$ plus taxes.
  • You own the movie if you keep the movie for 25 days, so you will have to pay 25 days charge plus tax to make it your own.
  • If you want to reserve movie online so that you can get your hands on it visit  now!
  • You do not have to return the rented movie or game to the same Redbox kiosk. You can literally return it back to any of the vending machines anywhere you wish to.
  • You need a credit card or a Debit card to rent movies via Redbox vending machines.

Now here is the part you save money and pay nothing for movies using the Redbox codes. To encourage people to rent movies using Redbox, there are coupon codes released as a promo offer. You do not have to pay anything for movies if you use the Redbox codes and return back the movie with the next night (9 PM).

To get Redbox Codes just visit:

New Coupon codes are updates every time they are available. So keep looking for new codes to save money and enjoy movies as well.

Also check out this Redbox video on YouTube about some etiquette that you should follow while using the redbox machine:

Now here comes the part where you find Redbox kiosks in your area, the easy way. Redbox vending machines are usually found in Fast Food joints, Grocery shops, College or University campus and Pharmacies as well.

All you have to do is visit this link and enter your zip code (preferably) or just enter your address and get the nearest Redbox locations.

By this way you can help yourself from paying more on missing out on returning the movies because you couldn’t find a Redbox vending machine close to your place. It can also help you to get your hand on the latest movies and games before anyone else does who depend on movie rental stores.

If you are interested to know more about Redbox then visit the redbox wiki page. We will be covering about Netflix, one of the top competitor of Redbox in the coming days.

Until then keep visiting for more interesting websites and other online services.