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So what is RapidTyping.com anyways? It’s everything that has to do with improving your skills with the Keyboard. You can get Typing software, Online Typing Games and Typing Test and much more.

Have you ever found yourself starring at those people who seem to catch an incredible speed while typing on the computer? Do you think such skills are hard to acquire? They shouldn’t be, not if you employ the help of softwares that are built especially to assist users in developing better typing skills. Say hello to RapidTyping – a free program that does exactly that. With the help of different and carefully planned lessons, users will gradually start developing the computer typing abilities, they have been craving for.

The program interface looks extremely cute and it’s definitely appropriate for young learners. The keyboard appears at the bottom of the program window and is all colored up in different sections by different colors. For example keys 2, W, S, X, 8, I, K and < are colored in yellow because users will be using the Ring fingers to type in those. Two virtual palms are superimposed upon the keyboard, so those starting up with the program for the first time will have an idea of how to position their hands.

Also when you are starting the software for the first time you will be asked to register your current Keyboard Type. You can choose between: PC/AT1, PC/AT1 enhanced, PC/AT2 or PC/AT3. You can also choose your preferred method of typing. If it’s easier for you to type with your Left Hand for example, the software has an option for it. Choose between Two Hands mode or Left/Right mode. What is very cool about the software is that the program will automatically detect your native language. Of course the English option is on default, but if you happen to be French for example, you will be finding the option to switch to the French keyboard in the left upper corner. It includes accents and special characters as well.

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To get started with a lesson, choose your level of skill. We have Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. Once you choose a mode, the lesson is displayed on the screen. For example the Basic Beginner mode showcases a string of data to be typed like fjfjfjjfjfjf. If you fill confident about your skills, try upgrading to the Expert mode. You will get an extract from the Show Queen to type in, for example. There are a lot of extracts you could try typing in so you can test your skills better.

Try This: Online Typing Test if you don’t want to download the Free Typing Software from RapidTyping. And if you like to try the various Online Typing Tests and games then this all you will ever need:


To calculate how many characters you are capable of typing in per minute, the program offers a nice tool to do so. It will display your progress by means of a graphic. The software also comes packed with some wonderful features that enable to customize your experience. Change the background color or the font of the text, even the theme of the software can be changed. You can set up a certain range of sounds as well too. For example when you get a character wrong or you complete a lesson without any flaws.

RapidTyping is a fun and interactive software that will help you improve your typing performance, so we surely recommend you to try and have some fun with it. Do tell us what you liked the most from RapidTyping.com (including online typing test and games) and what you did not like as well!

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    looks nice but i used typing tutor 6 but i am going to give it a try as well…

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      Do tell us here on NPXP how the site experience was with RapidTyping.com!!