Powerpoint Games

The following free Powerpoint Games are for both kids and teachers. If you are bored at office and have Microsoft Office installed then you can play these Powerpoint Games on your computer.

Powerpoint is a Presentation program from Microsoft which is quite popular in the Corporate World. Powerpoint comes with the Microsoft Office suite, and works on both Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac OS X operating systems.

We are giving out direct links to download some of the best Powerpoint Games here. You can also check out the websites that are mentioned below to get more such Powerpoint Games.

I tried to gather as much as Powerpoint Games as possible but it is very rare to find such games. You can always try Microsoft Excel Games and 15 Excel Games because there are plenty of it and it’s fun!

If you are a teacher or a parent then you should check out ABCya, Sheppard software and Sporcle.com Educational Games and quiz.

Powerpoint Games

1) Who Wants to be a Millionaire Online Game

The classic game of Quiz which is popular throughout the world can now be played as any other Powerpoint Games.


2) Align the Star

This is similar to Connect 4 board game, just align them all and score points!


3) Labrynth

This game like many other Powerpoint games are mainly classified as Educational games and this is targeted at College graduates.


4) Hollywood Squares

The most popular Hollywood based game show on the TV is on Powerpoint, so play on!


5) What’s Behind The Box?

A classic game of moving one tile at a time and guessing what’s behind those boxes, kids will love it I guess!


6) Word Search

This game needs some preparation in order to play and it is ideal for a Teacher to do it for the students.


To download other Powerpoint Games then you can try visiting these links:

a) http://teach.fcps.net/trt14/Power%20Point%20Games/power_point_games.htm

b) http://people.uncw.edu/ertzbergerj/ppt_games.html

c) http://jc-schools.net/tutorials/ppt-games/

You can learn more about Microsoft Powerpoint program from wiki. Share these Powerpoint Games with others cos as they say sharing is caring on the Internet!

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  • josh

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