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If you want to Edit photos online then Pixlr is something that you should check out rightaway. You can edit, add filters, adjust, increase or decrease brightness and contrast and do a lot more things with Pixlr and it is a free online tool.

Photography is one the rise. Let’s face it, nowadays everybody is a wannabe photographer and I’m saying this without any irony whatsoever. So, basic editing skills are something that many of us are trying to get a grip on. But we might be making the mistakes of jumping head front into extremely complex and rich editing programs like Photoshop thus ending up feeling frustrated and not achieving the results we envisioned when we started the endeavor. The best way to ease our way into photo editing is to use free online editing tools.

One of them is Pixlr.com. Why is Pixlr special? Well because unlike other photo editing tools out there it offers auto editing and basic features but also offers a more advanced working interface that adds a lot of solutions to photo enhancement.

Accessing the website, you will see multiple options that you can play around with. Pixlr Editor is one of the most advanced photo editor one that you can test your skills. For those who are already familiar with Photoshop, the interface of Pixlr will look quite familiar. Also the features work pretty much in the same manner. But to use them, wannabe photography editors will have to possess some basic understanding of some editing concepts like fill, crop, smudge or blur. A lot of advanced options are present in the application like Layer, Adjustment, Filter, which also present a lot of sub menus and options.

Pixlr – Edit Photos Online

Pixlr Express on the other hand offers a lot of fun and easy to apply effects and enhancements that are just one click away. Users will of course be tempted to use the many features under the Adjustment category which include the traditional Crop, Resize or Rotate but also the more exciting Doodle, Color Splash, Airbrush or Teeth White.

The Effect section offers a great selection of enhancements. Just browse among them and when you find an appropriate one just click on it and voila. We recommend the Subtle effect with its sub-effects: Adrian, Alex and Sanna (to add an incredibly skin glow). The Overlay category offers users the possibility to add layers in the photo. Again just click on the ones that appeal to you. For us the most interesting turned out to be Space, Leaks and Olga. The next three sections enable editors to add Borders, Stickers and text to their creation. Have fun playing with this wonderful tool.

Pixlr-o-matic offers a collection of default effects. Just click on each of them and choose which one suits you better. Choose between: Aladin, Hagrid, Lucas or Samantha (our favorite so far – it gives the picture such a dreamy look).
The website also features some key features like the possibility of uploading your pictures on a cloud server. From there you can easily share them with your friends or use them on forums and such.

Pixlr offers extensions for different Internet browsers like:

Pixlr Firefox Extension and Pixlr Chrome

For more fun information about Pixlr and related topics users should read and follow the official Blog. Be sure to try the website out and have a little fun with it.

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