PixDrop – Send Pictures from Computer to Mobile Phone

PixDrop.com is a website where you can send pictures from a computer to your phone. Pixdrop is a great online tool to send picture to your friends phone for free.

This online photo messaging service is currently for the people residing in the United States and Canada. And it works on the following mobile services: Verizon wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

The best part about Pixdrop is that you will be able send pictures to your mobile from any computer even if the phone number is ported to another service provider.

All you need to remember while using Pixdrop.com is that the picsthat you want to send should not exceed 1 MB in file size. Also this website supports only jpeg, gif, tiff, bmp and png image formats. If you ask me about these restrictions I would say that it is just the perfect service for anyone out there. Because it covers almost all of the basic formats one would use normally and the size restriction can be a problem if the pictures are taken in high quality. You can always resize images using tools like MS Paint, it’s very easy.

Pixdrop – Send pictures to phone online

How to send pictures from computer to phone using Pixdrop:

1)    Go to http://www.pixdrop.com/

2)    Select the mobile carrier: Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile or AT&T

3)    Enter the mobile number where you want to send the pictures to (only US numbers)

4)    Upload your picture by clicking on ‘choose file’

5)    And finally hit the ‘Send your picture message’ and you are done.

Here is a video about Pixdrop on Youtube:

Alternatively Pixdrop also has another picture sending tool that supports a good number of mobile carriers apart from the ones which work with the above method.

With this alternate method you can send pictures not directly but as a link instead. So once you upload the picture on Pixdrop and send it to a mobile number then he/she will receive a link to the picture. So the mobile phone needs to be internet enabled to view the image through the link. It might cost the recipient if the GPRS or the Internet pack is not unlimited.

Did you know: You can go to m.facebook.com to access Facebook mobile apart from the official app.

These are the following mobile carriers that you can send your pictures to from a computer using this method:

  • Alltel
  • Bell (Canada)
  • Boost Mobile
  • Cellular South
  • Centennial Wireless
  • Cricket
  • Dobson
  • Fido (Canada)
  • Helio
  • Metro PCS
  • Nextel
  • Rogers (Canada)
  • Suncom
  • Telus (Canada)
  • Unicel
  • US Cellular
  • Virgin Mobile (USA & Canada)

There is also a hope that other countries and International mobile carriers are going to be added on Pixdrop.com but until then you can only send pictures to US and Canada mobile numbers. Remember that the images are stored on Pixdrop servers and will be deleted within 7 days after you send it.

What’s More?

Pix drop has an Android and an iPhone app (both paid apps):



That’s about it. Go on and send some pictures to mobile phones using your computer online for free. And if you doon’t know what pictures to send then try some cute animal pictures from Cute Overload.com.