Photo 505 – Add Funny Photo Effects Online

Photo 505 is a website where you can add cool funny photo effects online to your pictures without downloading any photo editing softwares. By using this website you can add photo effects to your pics and have some cool fun sharing with your friends.

Have you ever wondered how one of your friends photo was added to a popular magazine or probably a billboard? Chances are that your friend might have used the website Photo 505 to add those photo effects online.

Unlike other complicated and expensive computer softwares like Adobe Photoshop this online image editor is free and easy to use. It hardly takes less than a minute to add some dazzling effect to your pictures. By saying this you should also understand that Photo 505 is just an easy to use funny photo effects website and not something like Photoshop which is used by highly trained professional for some serious photo editing works.

Before you start editing and adding cool photo effects on you should be aware of these 3 simple things:

i) You can only add 1 picture at a time and the maximum image size that you can upload is 10 MB. The image formats that you can upload are jpg, png or gif.

ii) Only pictures with Faces are supposed to be uploaded, or else it will not be usable on the website.

iii) It is advisable to add higher quality images on Photo 505 to get desirable results. Grainy, dark or low quality images will only end up looking awkward after you add photo effects.

Photo 505 - Add Photo effects online

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and have some good fun by adding funny photo effects to your pictures or even your friends (if they don’t mind!):

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Anyways there is not much of information available on Photo 505 about its creators except for the name Drun. All the effects seems to be copyright-safe though we are not sure about it. They have credited many of the image sources on their about page. You can also check out their blog on this address:

For those who need more info on how add photo effects using read the following:

1) Go to Photo 505

2) On the homepage you will find loads of photo effects, select any one.

3) You will be directed to a page where you can add a picture from your computer or take a picture using your webcam.

4) Wait for a couple of seconds, you will now see your picture with the photo effect that you added.

5) You can now save the picture onto your computer, share it on Facebook, Twitter etc or simply rate the picture.

Photo 505 is available in over 15 languages including French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and more. Also watch this cool video about on Youtube:

Tip: To know the name of the effect on the homepage just hover over the image. Also check out the rating before you decide what effect you want add.

While you are on this website do check out their Gallery page, which has pictures uploaded by different people which are funny:

We hope that you enjoyed this website and will also share it with your friends on Facebook! If you use any other websites like Photo 505 then do tell us and we will write about it on

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  • Jennifer

    Hey, I know this website. I’ve reviewed it not so long ago and it was really nice

    • Kamal Hasa

      Agree with you Jennifer.. It is quite an awesome site to add funny effects to your pix..

  • univtego

    it is really good to all people are like a onlin photos….so complicated and expensive computer softwares like Adobe Photoshop this online image editor is free and easy to use.

    • Kamal Hasa

      Photo505 is an easy to use website for common Internet users. Whereas Photoshop is for the professional graphic designers and other people who need vast set of features to edit photos.