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We have found a useful website that does the job of a PDF to Excel Converter and it’s a free online tool. Now Converting PDF to Excel is a very easy task with pdftoexcelonline.com which is an Online File Converter tool.

PDF to Excel website is used to convert and download files on your computer. when you convert the files from PDF to Excel you can edit the xls files according to your wish. So editing, creating tables and spreadsheets is an easy task with the PDF to Excel Converter. This is what the website claims:

When you convert your files then the end excel file will be fully editable. There are many softwares that does this job but this website is said to be the best among all the free online file converter sites.  The PDF to Excel Online converter is powered by Nitro PDF professional desktop software. Since Nitor PDF is fairly popular on the Internet, I guess you can give it a try and see how its functionality is.

Interesting link: 9 PDF Search Engine to view and download free PDF files.

PDF to Excel Converter

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When you convert the file the resultant Excel file will detect all the tables and discard the non-tabular content. Which inturn would be an easy to use editable Excel spreadsheet. There is no manual work such as you highlighting tables so it’s as simple as uploading the file and converting it to an Excel file.

The PDF to Excel Converter makes sure that the important formatting are retained such as Font styles, Size, Colors and ensures that there are borders for tables, Cell coloring, row/column height and width.

So all you need to do is:

1) Select PDF file from your computer
2) Enter your email address
3) Click Convert and you are done!

So check out PDF to Excel Converter @ PdfToExcelOnline.com

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  • James@Chainsaw reviews

    It has been always annoying to have those pdf files that had been originally intended to avoid modifications hovering over your head devoiding you from making any changes. Things such as these really help in making the required conversions and giving you at hand the most appropriate format for the representation and modification of your data

  • Jasmine

    My mother in law would love this. She’s an accountant and uses excel regularly, and constantly receiving pdf documents and copying info into excel…She needs this =/

  • http://diyenergyreport.com Sarah Green

    Hey Rajib,

    have you tried pdftoword.com? It’s a bit slow but can do the job, and it’s free.

  • http://www.techncom.net Rajib Kumar

    Really useful site. Thanks for share. Hey, I need a site that can convert PDF to doc file. Is there any site that can convert PDF to doc file? Please share.