is the best place to Convert Video Online for free. You can use this online video converter to convert videos so that you can easily play it on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod 5g, Mobile phones, DVD player and on your computer.

There is no need to register at and also you do not have to provide any email address. So in simple terms this online video converter is the best, secure and very reliable.

N°1 Free online Video Converter is the official website name for, I really don’t know what that means but as long as it works fine I am happy.

The website proudly says out that it collects no email, no ip and has no virus or spyware, so one can guess that it is anonymous, safe and secure to use this Online Video Converter.

Online Video Converter

Here is a simple guide to use and convert videos online for free:

1) As soon as you visit the homepage you will be asked to choose your location. The options are: USA, France, United Kingdom, Deutschland, Rest of Europe and Rest of the World.   So you need to pick whichever your location is.

2) You will be presented with many options on the next screen to select the purpose of your visit. It includes Convert to Mp3, Convert to AVI, Upload from your computer.

You will also notice 3 other options which are Firefox Add-on, Chrome Extension, Safari Extension which can be used with the browser that you use and use the functionality of directly.

3) So by now you would have understood the fact that this Online Video Converter can convert video and audio directly from your computer or through a video which is stored online. You can also convert and download Youtube videos using this website. Depending on what you choose in this step you will be presented with the next screen.

The video formats supported by this online video converter are:

and more…

The audio formats supported by online video converter are:

MP3 320k HD
MP3 256K HD
MP3 192K

All this for free and you don’t have to spend even a penny on any of the video converter software on the Internet. When I shared this my friends they were quite happy that I did. So am sure people whom you know can make use of this awesome website and save some money.

There are over 32,756 Facebook fans for, it is one of the most loved sites on the Internet to convert videos online.

Visit now and convert all the videos, audio online or on your PC that you want for free!

  • Thomas

    Nice article, to download and convert YouTube videos to mp3,avi,mov…

  • fg

    it’s too bad every click on that site will bring up an ad and that clicking the convert button doesn’t convert your video