Do you have a job interview and you are still wondering how to draft a good Curriculum Vitae (Résumé)? Don’t worry anymore because we have found the perfect website for you to Generate CV Online for free with Let us take a look at this wonderful free service online and help you create that perfect CV that you are after!

In today’s economy finding a job has become increasingly difficult. That is why every job applicant must ensure he/she will boast an impressive and well-assembled resume in order to slide through the competition and impress the interviewer. There are plenty of options to do so online, but recently we stumbled upon a website that deserves a little of our attention. is the place where you not only can build a competent and engaging resume online, but you get to read useful tips about how to write different CVs based on where you are trying to apply. Getting started is extremely easy. Just click the “Start your CV” huge red button at the bottom of the page next to the funny unemployed character.

You will then find yourself redirected to the Basic page. Here job appliers have the opportunity to type in their basic information like name, title, date of birth, citizenship, place of birth, phone number, email and such. A photo of the user can be also uploaded from this page. When you’re done you can just click the blue “Next” button.

Online CV Generator
Online CV Generator

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Next stop, your education status – fill in the names of the institutions you graduated from, the years between which you attended the schools. If you want to personalize a little and maybe add important distinctions you gained so far add a description of the time spent there. Next, fill in your work experience. Start filling in the details of your previous jobs like the name of the company you worked for or the time you spent there.  What was your position? Better yet, say a few words about your responsibilities within the firm and what accomplishments you had while working there.

Last but not least, add in your Skills. Showing the employer that you boast an impressive number of skills, from the most varied of categories will certainly be in your favor. Skills will be added by category: language, personal, overall skills and other. After completing this last step it is time to save the CV on your machine. Just click on the huge red button “Save CV in pdf” at the bottom of the page. And voila you are done, you can start applying for jobs.

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The website is available in a huge host of languages which include: English (default), Portuguese, Spanish, Spanish, Italian, Serbian and Russian. If you are happy with the services provided you can go like on Facebook, Twitter, Digg or StumbleUpon.

Let us know if you use any other Online Resume generators to create your CV, comment below and we will write about it and share with our readers on NPXP.

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    Here job appliers have the opportunity to type in their basic information like name, title, date of birth, citizenship, place of birth, phone number, email and such.

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