– Flash Games is an awesome flash games site from the makers of It has more than 1500 flash games in over 14 categories to keep you entertained on the Internet.

If you love playing games online then we definitely recommend you to check out One More Level right now. There are plenty of games that can be enjoyed by a wide range of audiences, right from young kids to adults.

Ira Willey from Vancouver Island is the founder of One More Level and the site was launched in 2005. His previous website was a big hit and was purchased by MTV networks.

There is no need to register on One More Level in order to play flash games online. All the games are completely free and new games are added quite often.

Infectonator, Bubble shooter, Apple shooter, Pokemon tower defense and other popular games are the biggest hit on the site. If you love multiplayer online games then you can check out some cool games on the website like Adventure quest, Ball racer, Multiplayer pool, RuneScape, Multiplayer asteroids and more.

If you are not sure about what game you want to play then don’t worry. One More Level has a unique feature where you can play random games at your will by visiting the following link: - Flash games

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Some of the popular categories on are:

  • Action games
  • Sports games
  • Funny games
  • Music games
  • Classic games
  • Point & Click Flash games

If you want to play the best games in various categories on the website simply visit the below link. It has all the Top 10 games that will surely interest you:

One More Level games website also has a search engine powered by Google in case if you are trying to find a particular game on the site. The flash games community keeps submitting new games to the website, so if you ever finish playing all the awesome games on the site you can always check back after few days in order to play newly added games.

Flash games are the most widely popular activity on the Internet. It can refresh your mood and also help you pass time in a fun way. If you are stuck in the office without work or bored at school then all you need to do is visit and get recharged.

Also check out this link: One More Level has been featured on Killer Startups!

The website has a decent interface, minimal but quite easy to navigate. On the homepage you will find all the game categories on the left hand side. You can also change the theme of the website to the following:

  • Citrus
  • Dark
  • Crazy
  • Or even to a Mario theme

Check out this game called as Amazing Mind Reader and if you have no idea about what the game is all about then prepared to be amazed. It is a chart of numbers and symbols, where you need to pick a number and follow instructions on the screen. When you are done you need to click on a blue ball on the screen and dang! It tells you exactly what you had in your mind, if you want to try it out then visit the following link

Most of the games on the website are safe for children and if it is not the games are clearly rated as 13+. So if you are below 13 look out for that marker on the games thumbnails (preview image).

Unlike many of the flash games websites One More Level has strategy games and RPG games as well. There is no shortage of games on this website for sure because one look at the website and you will find out that it’s a one stop portal for all your online gaming needs.

Just take a look at the following link where all the games on the website are displayed on a single page which is alphabetically displayed:

If you are a 80s baby then I am sure you will love to play the following classic games on One More Level:

  • Doom
  • Contra
  • Snake
  • Space Invaders
  • Super Mario Bros
  • Prince of Persia
  • Pacman
  • Duck Hunt

I definitely loved this awesome flash games website and am sure many of you would like, if you do then please share this page on your Facebook profile. If you know any other games website with cool games then drop in a comment and I will write about it as well.

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  • Rudy P

    I don’t like flash game, but like online game like ragnarok, warcraft

    • Kamal Hasa

      Flash games are free to play and you don’t have to download or install anything on your computer. I love flash games for that very reason :)