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Omegle Spy, who wants to do it? Download this small application and start spying on Omegle conversations for free.

Imagine what if you would do, if you could join in as a third person anonymously within a random chat of 2 people. Better than the spy part you can also mess around by sending text as the other user.

Before you proceed we at want to mention that don’t use Omegle spy if you don’t know its capability. It can be easily termed as invasion of privacy but it is legal in a way.

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This application is developed by Sfoley (got it from his email). It is clearly stated that Omegle Spy is not illegal since there is no mention about it in the terms of service.

Omegle Spy

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If you are a geek then this part of the info about the Omegle Spy will interest you, the java app is made up of:

  • Command-line Linux/Unix/BSD/whatever. It’s portable for the most part
  • Written entirely in java (so uses javac)
  • Editor: vim
  • Compiled using make

Download Omegle Spy @ for free. Yes, it is hosted on Google code website. After you download and install it you will be able to spy on Omegle Conversations.

I am not sure if it will work for everyone and if it doesn’t please contact the developer so he or she can fix it for you.

Please share this Omegle spy software with others and have some neat fun!


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  1. Kamal Hasa, you should really have him update his program so it will work again!

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