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Omegle India is part of the Omegle world group of random video chat sites. It just looks and feels like any other Omegle sites out there.

For the people who are new to Omegle chat, it is a website where you can text chat and video chat with girls and guys anywhere in the world.

If you have a webcam with your desktop or laptop then you can simply go to Omegle and video chat with strangers. But if you don’t have a webcam then you can text chat with random people just about anything you want to.

We have previously covered different version of Omegle such as Omegle Canada, Omegle UK and Omegle Australia. You don’t have to stay in UK to random chat with people from Britain. As long as you have a working computer and Internet you can go and chat with anyone.

Omegle India

Just visit to chat in Omegle India and it’s upto you if you want to choose text chat or video chat. You do not have to register for any account and you are free to video chat with people on Omegle for free.

If you like to know some alternatives then you should try Sites Like Chatroulette. Full of random people to ready to video chat with you on the Internet!

Like always, a friendly advice from a side: Do not enter if you are not 18 and above. It’s just too risky because Omegle India is completely unsupervised and you can expect some people to be nasty at times.

And a new Omegle India from a different source, here it is:

So go enjoy chatting with random people and just make sure to abide by the rules of Omegle and you will be just fine. If am not wrong they do save ip address of every person who chats on Omegle India.

If you know any other Sites like Omegle then do let us know and we will be more than happy to review it on npxp.


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