OhDontForget.com – Schedule Alerts Via Text Messages

OhDontForget.com is a website which can alert you via text messages and you can schedule messages as per your needs, this way you tend to forget things lesser (we hope so).

We all know the feeling – having something important to do and feebly realizing hours after the dead line expired that we totally forgot about the most important task of the day. Let’s face it, our brain is kluged by nature, making forgetfulness an integral part of being human, but there are steps we can take to remedy our sometimes faulty set-up.

An innovative way to keep tracks of things at all time, comes from www.ohdontforget.com – a website that basically allows its users to send free text to themselves or other people which contain simple forward reminder.

All you have to do is type in the cell phone number, the date and time when the task is due and the text message. Texts should be short and to the point; for example: “Craig’s birthday”, “get avocados”, “pay Internet bill” and so on.

Everybody can send a quick text using OhDontForget, but if you really get the taste for being the person who never forgets and can be relied upon, the website also offers the possibility of upgrading to premium, thus unlocking several other impressive features.

To be a Premium user, interested parties will have to pay either $4.95/month or $47.50 for a yearly subscription. So you are probably curious about the benefits the paid version is going to provide. For example, switching to ODF (Premium version) will enable you to send scheduled text messages, unless you specify “Now”. The messages you intend to send are going to be stored in a queue and you can be sure they will be delivered on time. Switching to Premium might not be only productive for, but for your family and friends as well. You can choose to send reminders to anybody in your circle of acquaintances.

Oh Don't Forget
Oh Don’t Forget

The ODF version also unlocks the possibility of sending messages up to 160 characters and features no annoying ads. The paid version allows you to set up an address book in which you can include all people of interest in your life. Reminders can be queued based on priority and you can set up your reminders for months in advance. Message logs are also kept so if somebody complains they did not get the reminder, you will have the tools to prove them right.

Undecided yet if you should pay for a subscription, you should check out the Testimonials page, where customers of ODF have taken the time to quickly review the service. Having trouble with one of the feats? Go to the support page and ask your question in Comment section. You will receive a reply as soon as possible, although Premium users have priority.

www.ohdontforget.com offers an incredibly useful service that has the potential to grow tremendously. The website has already been features in high-profile publications like Time.com, Cnet News, WSJ, Mashable and more.

Got questions about this useful online service? Then try finding out the answer with the FAQ section – http://ohdontforget.com/faq

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