My Celebrity Look Alike

It feels great to tell someone, “Hey look this is My Celebrity Look Alike“. It’s fun and kinda cool in a way actually to your look alike.

You can always check out to see and use the Celebrity Look alike Generator for free.

This is one of the easiest celebrity look alike tool that I have ever used. All you have to do is upload your picture and wait for less than a minute and that’s all!

Just follow these steps and find My Celebrity Look Alike:

My Celebrity Look Alike

1) Go to

2) Click on browse and upload a picture right from your computer.

3) Or you can also import picture from Bebo, Photobucket or Type in a image URL.

4) Wait for a minute as it will start scanning the face from the picture you just uploaded.

5) That’s it!

So there it is, My Celebrity Look Alike pictures that you were craving for!

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How does this tool work anyways?

The scanner just detects the dimension of your face, nose, eyes, ears and the skin color of course. Once it narrows down the closest picture matching from its Hollywood and Bollywood database you will be shown plenty of Celebrity look alike pictures.

So its upto you which celeb picture actually resembles your face. I tried it myself and this is what I got:

Celebrity look alike

Yes, its David Blaine the street magician who is so super cool! Now Tell me yours?

BTW if you were not able to find your Celebrity match then you should check out What Celebrity Do I Look Like?

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  • Jan

    I tried this before and it came out with Christina Ricci! Awesome!

  • Lisa

    Your post makes me very curious if there’s really a celebrity that looks like me. I must try and see.

  • Linda

    Been looking for this kinds stuff, let me try who’s My Celebrity Look Alike..lolz! I think its gonna be Jessica Alba…lol!

  • Hub

    Tried the celebrity morph thing on both me and the wife, doesn’t seem to be a lot of match options. Either we don’t have the face structure of any celebrities or it just doesn’t provide a lot of options.