– Free Online Music Player is an awesome website for music lovers, you can create and explore playlists of various artists and also watch videos from Youtube directly on the website. Read further and discover how awesome this website is for a music lover.

There aren’t many music oriented websites that manage to sustain their presence in the online environment by becoming essential to users’ virtual existence. Of course we all know and Spotify .com and some of us might even use the services, but apart from them, there aren’t that many musically engaging websites. however challenges that status, trying to weasel itself in and to carve a status in the music online sector. Unlike however, the service won’t “scrobble” the music you already own your computer, thus creating your playlist. As the name suggest, allows its users to create customized playlists of their favorite music videos.

As you log into the site you will be confronted with the search box which invites you to type in your favorite artist. A quick search for “Deftones” for example produced a list of the band’s videos, some in HD and some not. The videos cover different times in the bands’ history featuring material from the first albums to the latest video.  Once you click on a particular video, your video will immediately load in a mini streaming window at your right. Most of the videos are streamed via YouTube and can be also be watched in Fullscreen.

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To add videos to your playlist and let your friends know what you like, users will be required to log in either with Facebook or with Google+. Once they have entered their information and have allows to use it, they will have access to building playlists. By clicking the green plus icon that appears near a band name, music lovers will be able to add the respective video to their customized playlist. Once you have updated your playlist with an artist you can also click the grey start attached to the name of the band and transform it into a gold star by giving the artist the favorite status.

For those of you who are less sure of what to listen, the website might give away a few artist recommendations. To do so go to the Charts tab and discover the Top Albums/Top Songs section. By clicking on the album cover thumbnails, users will transported to a page where all the videos tagged with that artist are listed. Give it a quick listen and decide if you want to keep listening to it or not. Also in the Chart section, users have the opportunity of browsing through the most famous Rock/Hip Hop/Pop songs. Listen by musical genre. incorporates a social feature as well, as other users of the website can send comments about your playlist, which will be listed in the Playlist Comments section. All in all the site seems like a nice place to discover some music and meet some people with related taste, but I’m not so keen on the interface design and I believe it would need some more work in order to make it more appealing. Maybe they should peak a little over at

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