Kukuklok – Online Alarm Clock

Kukuklok is an Online Alarm Clock which I should is a very useful gadget for Internet users. The name Kukuklok might sound funny but it does a serious job of keeping you alarmed at all times.

Kukuklok.com is pronounced as Cuckoo Clock, which makes sense because its an alarm clock and is named after age old thing about waking up to a cuckoo’s morning sound int he country side.

The Online Alarm clock from Kukuklok is very easy to use and all you need to do is set a time and set the sound to what you want to wake upto and you are done. Kuku Klok is an online alarm clock which is designed to wake you up whenever you want it to.

Kukuklok has a big clock on its homepage and you can set the hours and minutes before the alarm clock goes off at the exact time. After you set the time you just need to select the sound that you want to go off with the alarm clock.

kukuklok - Online Alarm Clock

Visit KukuKlok now @ http://kukuklok.com/!

The first choice of sound is of course a cockerel doing its thing, Classic clock (the tring tring thing), Electronic sound, Slayer Guitar, Military Trumpet (Which I assume is nasty) and that’s it, you can click on preview sound before finally clicking on the “Set Alarm” option.

Once the online alarm clock is configured with the time and sound you can forget about everything because even if the Internet connection goes down the Kukuklok will still work! But having said that just make sure that the computer is on and one of the tabs on your Internet browser has this website loaded.

And Kukuklok is Swiss made, I guess that is why it is unique and special haha..

  • http://techotoys.net Rajesh Chaukwale

    Hi Kamal,
    Another great post friend. After reading the post initial lines, I thought that this service will be useless if there is any sort of internet disconnection and hence, the service will be useless. But, the last lines enlightened the real fact. Thanks for the awesome site mate.

  • Jasmine

    my phone is dead, so im using a online alarm clock. but my mom doesn’t want the computer on all night. is there any online alarm clocks that will still go off even when the computer isn’t on so is this that type alarm or not?

    • http://npxp.com Kamal Hasa

      Hi Jasmine, Am afraid there isn’t any such Online Alarm Clock website that can work when the computer is off. I will surely write a blog post as soon as I find one :)

  • http://www.vectorfresh.com/ Nick Jones

    Hi Kamal

    I am very much impressed from your blog to be honest, hence bookmarking the same. It has tons of useful information and I can surely use it every now and then.

    India Rocks

    • http://npxp.com Kamal Hasa

      I am glad you like it Nick, feels good to be appreciated..

  • http://hostingbest.co.uk Alex@Hosting Best

    I think this is one of those things you dont need until you find it exists! I can imagine myself thinking at some point I need an alarm then referring back to this lol

  • R. Lee

    Kukuklok is just as amazing as our mobile phone alarms!! Also, can say even marginally better as it offers us with more of options!!