– Pronunciation of English Words with Audio (How Do You Say?) is a Free Pronunciation website which helps you Pronounce English words the correct way. If you are a person with great interest in the the English Vocabulary or probably someone who is trying to increase the understanding the way words are pronounced then this is the website for you!

The English language is the universal language of this era. Some time ago, we all wanted to learn French but that ship has sailed, so now every kid entering kindergarten will surely take compulsory English classes. Even if they can’t still read or write, children can become familiar with the way English words sound, making it easier for educators to teach the language in the years to come.

However, if you’re an adult and have taken up the endeavor of learning English all by yourself, you might be confronted with an issue. You might find yourself unable or unsure of how to pronounce certain words. So is it time to start looking for a tutor? Not really, the Internet offers many wonders and sources for you to learn from.

One such example is website which allows users to listen to the pronunciation of any word. The site interface might at first look to be quite cluttered and confusing. That’s because the website is riddled with ads that have nothing to do with the purpose of the site. However, ignoring this little inconvenience, you should have no trouble finding the search bar which is located centrally. The website describes itself as being a “Free online Talking Dictionary of English Pronunciation”.


So let’s start searching. I have always loved how the word “mayhem” sounds (making abstraction of its meaning of course) and the “h” present might prove a little puzzling to students trying to pronounce the word for the first time. Clicking the submit button in the search bar will produce the vocalization of the word by a male voice. A list of words that also start with “may” will also appear for the user.

Now let’s say you just have read the word in a newspaper or in a book and you have no idea what it means. So you listen to its pronunciation and being on you can also find out its meaning by clicking the “Define your entry here”. A pop up window will appear showcasing the meaning of the word. In this case mayhem = violent or damaging disorder; chaos.

Assuming you know English at an intermediate level, the explanation should suffice and you should be able to make an idea of what the word means, but if you are at beginner level in your English studies you might still be in the dark about what the word really means. Thankfully on you can translate it in your own language by clicking “Translate your entry here”. The pop-up will redirect you to Google Translate.

If you like how the system works you’ll be happy to know that Howjsay works for most programs on Mac and Windows machines – including Word, Excel, pdf or Firefox browser. Select the word and hit Ctrl+L to get the pronunciation. And if you are a user of Firefox, you’ll be happy to know there’s an Add-on just for you and a Toolbar so you won’t have to select words, but just type them in the query box.

There is also a Howjsay app for both Android and iOS users, find the below link to download the app to your device:

1) Howjsay Android App:

2) Howjsay iOS App:

Learn How To Pronounce Names with these useful website online, I had compiled it a while back. This is useful for if you deal with people from different countries or a places  and are finding it hard pronounce certain names.

Also: has been featured on top publications online including the likes of LA Times and LifeHacker.