How To Search For People on Facebook Without Logging in

Facebook Search has evolved itself over a period of time and now you can search almost anything on it. You can even search for people without logging into Facebook but none of it is really an effective method. There used to be a lot of tools back in the time but not anymore, go get an account and save yourselves some time.

You can instantly search and Find Facebook Friends with no difficulty at all once you are logged in. If you have an account then you can just Search on Facebook for people whom you know from your School or work or from anywhere else.

In order to search people on facebook you need to be logged in and type in the name of the person via Facebook Search. It is free to create an account and it is not mandatory to upload your picture or fill in all your personal details. So instead of wasting time to search people on Facebook using other websites you can do it right from FB, effortlessly.

Facebook search
OpenBook (Doesn’t exist anymore)

Anyways here are some methods that you can probably use in order to search For People on Facebook Without Logging in.


Yes, that’s right. The most obvious method to search for people on Facebook is Facebook itself. You don’t have to login to an account, although within a few clicks on the search result you will have no option but to login! So tough luck!


You can also use the above link which is actually the official facebook directory of people on it. Same thing with this as well, you will be asked to login within few clicks or seconds.


And then there is this. It is called as Open status search which uses Facebook’s open graph API to search for people’s status updates and such. Quite ineffective to say the least.

4) Name

Go to google and then copy the above text and replace “Name” with whatever name that you are searching for. Good luck!

So as you might have understood by now that it is quite impossible to search for people on Facebook without you logging in to your account or probably someone else’s (without breaching their privacy).

Anyways here is some other links which you can use to do a Facebook search if you have an account: (A dedicated page for the topic itself) (Tell us if this works)

That’s all folks :)

  • Andreas@Online Advertising

    I’ll still wait until facebook rolls out a search that gives more realtime results and less people in their search results.

  • Tech Crates

    wow…this is really very interesting ! Good to know about it