How To Pronounce Names Correctly?

How To Pronounce Names correctly when you are not sure? Is Pronunciation of Names and Words important to you in your work, or have you ever thought of learning the most commonly mispronounced names to avoid awkward situations?

If you are into a business or maybe a professional dealing with people from a different country then Pronouncing Names correctly is the way to go.

We have compiled the best websites on the Internet for you to Pronounce Names and Words correctly. By using these sites you can easily get the correct name pronunciation by typing them in the search box on any of these websites or going through their compiled lists.

The sites mentioned below are completely free and tested and it helps you with how to Pronounce Names the right way.

1)  Pronounce

Thanks to a nice person named Pinky Thakkar (did you get it right?) this website came into existence. Originally from Mumbai the engineer moved to San Jose, California and had problem pronouncing the city’s name. As a matter of fact anyone would make that obvious mistake (J instead of H in Jose) before knowing its correct pronunciation. That was a story before the launch of this website in the year 2006.

Pronounce now has hundreds and thousands of complex names which is hard to pronounce at the first instance. You can use the search box on the website to find names and its pronunciations and listen to the audio as well. Or you can simply browse the directory in order to stumbleupon hard to pronounce names.

You can share some goodwill by helping this website in order to contribute names that you think that should be added into their website, you can use the following link to do that if you wish to:

Contribute to

Pronounce also has an android app (paid) that you can download and use it on your phone:

Pronounce Android App

I’m glad that Pinky had forethought for a lot of us who end up using the website in order to get the right pronunciation of names.

2) Hear

Here (like the name suggests) is another website that is going to help you with name pronunciation with audio from around the world. If you’re looking out for a particular name then use the search box provided on the website or else browse through the website to find plenty of amazing names that you can browse.

The pronunciation of names ranges from various nationality to important people from all over the place. Some of the different types of names that you can find on this website include African, American, French, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish and you just name it, and they have got it.

You can even request the pronunciation of a name using the link below:

Request a name pronunciation on Hear

3) VOA Pronunciation Guide

VOA Name Pronunciation
VOA Name Pronunciation

VOA or Voice of America is an external broadcast institution of the US federal government. And they provide programming for broadcast on radio, TV and even Internet outside of the US in English and also foreign languages.

VOA’s pronunciation guide (since 2000) is a vast website where you can come across a lot of common hard to pronounce names from various parts of the world. On the website you can find out the name pronunciation using the search box or you can browse by region if you’re trying to learn names from a specific place with the help of audio as well.


With over 3 million words in 325 languages is said to be the largest online reference for pronunciation that includes words, names in their respective native languages.

You can directly head to this link in order to find out pronunciation of names in native languages:

This website comes across as a prime resource for pronunciation enthusiasts and learners. If you’re someone who is planning to go to a foreign country then this website will help you a lot. The website has huge resource for anyone who is willing to learn pronunciation of names, words from a specific region.

5) Inogolo is an English pronunciation guide to the names of people, places and stuff. You can find various pronunciation categories the likes of commonly mispronounced, difficult names, native pronunciation words and names that will definitely help you. Inogolo has both phonetic and audio pronunciations in English.

You can use the search box like with the above websites in order to find the correct pronunciation or simply browse through the website to find out what it has to offer to you.

On the funny note: If you are looking for something funny like “how to pronounce eyjafjallajokull” then check out this video from ABC news.

Pronouncing names from a different country or place has never been easy and the names from these languages especially : Japanese, Hebrew, Chinese, Greek, Russian, Irish, Finnish, Spanish, French, Icelandic have been a great task for the majority of people. Indian names on the other hand are easier for the Sub continent people but for others it would be a great deal I am sure.

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