Hidden Object Games Free Download

If you have been searching for Hidden Object Games Free Download websites then you are in luck because we have found some of the best resources on the web where you can get it for free.

I love Hidden object games and I still remember the times when I used to play with my colleagues when I was working in an office a couple of years back. We had tried all sorts of games to kill the time and escape from boredom but finally the hidden object games was the thing we been looking for all along.

The thrill of searching objects in a game is more exciting that you might think if you haven’t played something like that before. So this is your chance to indulge yourself in some quality gaming time which am sure you will not regret it. I am not a gamer like you might think but I do love these causal games which can really help you when you are bored.

I have made all the efforts in order to get what you want and would really appreciate it if you can leave a comment or share it with your friends online. This way I can feel satisfied that this post was useful to someone out there who was looking out for Hidden Object Games for Free Download.

1) http://www.myplaycity.com/free_hidden_object_games/

Myplaycity is a free website to download games on the Internet and it has got some good collections of hidden object games. On the website you can find games such as The Lost Kingdom of Prophecy, City Mysteries, Just spot it and more.

Hidden Object Games Free Download
Screenshot of MyPlayCity.com

Almost all of the games found on Myplaycity works on Windows 7 and other OS from Microsoft. Each and every game on this site absolutely free and has no time limit.

2) http://www.gametop.com/category/hidden-objects.html

Gametop.com is one more website which has a good number of hidden object games for free download. There are games like Epic Escapes, Mystery of Mortlake Mansion, Jane Croft and more.

On each of the game download page you can read the description plus the screenshots so that you can get an idea how the game looks like.

3) http://www.freegamepick.com/free-hidden-object-games-download.html

Freegamepick.com has close to 10 free hidden object games that are available for free download. All of the games are full version and has no time limits. It does not have in-game ads, so I guess this website is worth a try.

Some of the free download games include Mystery of Nostradamus, Hidden art 2, 20 days to find Amy, PJ Pride pet detective, Jane Angel Templar mystery and more.

4) http://www.girlgamesforfree.net/download-games/genres/free-hidden-object-games/

Seems like this is dedicated to girls like the girls go games website and it has a couple of games which you can download for free.

* And now I will be sharing links where you can download free games but not full version. If you ask me this is still wroth giving it a try because there are so many trial games out there in these websites that you can always download a new one. You can also get memberships to these sites at a low cost and enjoy full versions with no time limits. You should also remember that someone out there who develops all these wonderful games does it as part of his job. So spending a couple of dollars for these games if you really like it does makes sense!

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5) http://www.shockwave.com/download/hidden-object-games.jsp

Shockwave.com has some of the coolest games in the category of hidden objects and some of these cool games are 1912 Titanic mystery, 1001 Nights: The Adventures of Sindbad, 10 Days Under the Sea, 10 Days to Save the World and a total of 465 games that you can download free and buy it if you really like it.

There is even something called as the Shockwave unlimited plan which will cost you $4.95/month where you can download all the hidden objects game or all 1300 games  on this games website.

6) http://www.spintop-games.com/hidden-object-game-download

Vacation Quest – Australia, Mystery P.I. – The Curious Case of Counterfeit Cove, Ghost Encounters: Deadwood, Hidden Identity – Chicago Blackout and more hidden object games are available as free trial download at Spintop games.

7) http://www.shabugames.com/genres/Hidden-object/index.html

You should definitely try out Gothic Fiction: Dark Saga hidden object puzzle game on this website. Other cool games include Mystic Diary: Missing pages, Secrets of the seas, Mystery case files etc.

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8 ) http://www.games2download.com/free-hidden-object-games/index.htm

With over 136 hidden object games Games3download.com has made it to our list where you can download free games. Do check out the ratings on this game site to know if the game is popular or not.

9) http://www.fenomen-games.com/free-hidden-object.htm

Download mystery games like Witch hunters, Shiver: Vanishing hitchhiker, Nightmares from the deep and play it on your computer for a full 1 hour. If you like the games you can also buy them on this website.

10) http://en.softonic.com/s/free-full-version-hidden-object-games/free

Softonic, a website for free download of software and games has about 16 hidden object games filled with mystery and excitement.

Shutter Island 3, Victorian mysteries Woman in White game 3 are some of the games based on the hidden objects theme. Give it a try since it is completely free to download and play these games on Softonic.

11) http://www.myrealgames.com/genres/free-hidden-object-games/

So this makes it the 11 websites where you can download Hidden Object Games for free with no time limits and also trial versions.

We hope that you got what you been looking out for and I will be more than happy to update this list as and when I come across other game sites which offers free download. For now all I can ask you is a favor from you, please share this post on Facebook, Twitter etc and help us get more visitors who are in need of these kind of games.

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Have a good gaming time with these websites, Enjoy!