is one of the best map website from the most trusted search engine on the internet ‘Google’. In 2011 moving from one place to another in the shortest distance and time means a lot to many people. It is difficult for them to know all the different places that they go to and remember the directions.

Google maps makes it easy for them regarding the places that they are in search for. It covers all the parts across the globe and it also provides the most precised information on the web. can also be accessed through mobile phones which are used by many. Some mobile phones which can have the Google Maps application are blackberry, Symbian OS, Palm OS and few more. Some of the features provided in this GoogleMaps application are:

  • Search in plain English
  • Search by voice
  • Search along route
  • Traffic view
  • Street View
  • Car dock mode
  • Satellite view

Also don’t forget to check out our post about Bing Maps. is a free website that anyone can use but one must register which is free of cost. Through the satellite view one can observe evidently the desired location. The website can be used efficiently to find out addresses, routes, roads, towns and many more places.

Use the following link to Google Maps Application for your mobile phone:

The supported mobile phones platforms are:

  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • iPhone
  • Nokia S60
  • Windows

One can surf the internet at any point of time in order to find their destination using Google Maps. There are many Google web applications that use java script to run their apps and Google maps is one such web application that uses java script and also provide satellite view as one of the features.

Visit Google Maps @ and if you are a mobile phone then check out

Since many people use internet these days it becomes easy for most of them to spot their destination without seeking others help through the use of goggle maps. You can search the required destination by putting the place in the search box provided on the page. This is of great use and reduces the trouble of many people who are new to a particular place. They need not ask the others of help but they themselves can identify using which gives you accurate routes.

Need help using Then look no further, just click on this link: Google Maps Help.