– Free Real-Time File Sharing Service Real-Time File Sharing Service on the Internet which works on the concept of real-time. This file uploading and sharing service is web based, so there is no need to download any software or plugins.

In the era of information sharing files have become essential in order to ensure the flow of things. Have a document you need all your work team to view? Forget sending it individually to each of them by email. The most time efficient solution is to upload it on server and then quickly share the link with them. is a new file sharing service that is extremely easy to use, even for people who aren’t such computer geeks. Getting started is very easy, just drag and drop the files you need into the Upload blue box and then wait out until the files are transferred to the server. In order to be able to access your files anywhere, anytime you should consider the option of signing in for a Free account. By doing so you will automatically receive 2 GB of storage.

You don’t need to create a new account from scratch, you can sign up with your Facebook or Twitter ID as well. In the eventuality you need more than the 2 GB offered by the standard account you can opt to purchase a Pro account. The prices are quite low compared to other file uploading services. For example the options offers 5GB of storage for the price of $5/month. The Premium version offers 40GB of storage for $10/month while the most advance Pro account allows users to get their hands on 100GB of storage for only $20/month.

Visit now and get a free account with 2GB storage in it:

Gett File Sharing
Gett File Sharing

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After your files have been uploaded to the server you will see a small window appearing which adds certain details – the date when it was uploaded, how large it is and how many times it has viewed or downloaded. You can also change the title of the document from the uploading board. In the left part of the screen, users will receive information about their account: how many files they have uploaded, how much space out of the 2GB (if you have a free account) has been occupied.

Files will be stored in albums which in turn you can choose to share. You can send the files by email (type them in the email box) or share them via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Next to the email box you will also notice there’s a direct link to your file, which in turn can be shared via other means with other people. We recommend we try it out, the service is quick and easy to use and it’s free 2GB might constitute a helpful alternative in case of emergency.

Do you think this File Sharing tool is any good at all for you? What would you probably use mainly for?

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