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Do you want to send unlimited free sms online? Register now at FullonSMS.com and login to send any number of sms to your friends, family and anyone from India!

FullonSMS is similar to that of 160by2, way2sms and Ibibo free sms sites. You can send free sms using this site to anyone across India without paying for anything.

On the homepage of FullonSMS it has mentioned that you can send sms to unlimited groups in one instance. It is also believed that there are no daily restrictions about the number of sms one can send using their services. As per my research it seems that there is no fixed number, so most likely it is a unlimited sms service.

I would also like to mention that it only took about 5 seconds to receive the confirmation sms when I created the account at the website. And of course I sent a few test sms to my mobile number and it was all received on my mobile phone in less than few seconds. FullonSMS can surely take credit for the super fast delivery time that they promise on their homepage.

Check it out now: Login to http://fullonsms.com to send free sms to mobile phones across India. Can’t think of what to send to your friends? Then do not worry because FullonSMS has loads of sms in various categories for you to send to dear ones.


Interestingly they have also boldly mentioned that there are no ads incorporated when you send free sms to a number. This isn’t the case with many of the free sms service providers online.

The sender’s number on my mobile shows as TM-FullOn and the phone number is mentioned in the beginning of the sms. This is the same with services like 160by2, way2sms and many more due to the regulation of TRAI.

I registered for an account and got onto the FullonSMS login page to send sms. To let you know guys the registration process was very easy, it required details such as my full name, mobile number, email id, date of birth.

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What surprised me the most is the field where it asks you to select your monthly salary range. It is quite absurd because why does a free sms site like Fullonsms.com need to know my income? My only guess is that they want to target their website users for prospective advertisement deals.

To add more info about the free sms site there is an option to block your mobile number so that you don’t receive sms from any FullonSMS user. In case you change your mind you can also unblock your number so that you can receive sms from friends and family members who use this service.

These are the links that might come in handy to block and unblock your number with FullonSMS:



To end this short review or user experience as you might want to call it this is a free service powered by advertisements. The site is bombarded with ads and pop-ups using various ad agencies. This might annoy you a bit but you can always block them using adblock plugin for your Internet browser.

You need to understand the fact that to provide such an awesome free service the FullonSMS team spends lot of money. It is a business for them and they recover the amount through ads in return for the service they provide you. Way2sms isn’t far behind when it comes to annoying advertisements on its website.

With FullonSMS you can send SMS at a faster speed and it does not cost you money. It also lets you download free wallpapers to your mobile and you can send it your friends as well.

So go ahead today and register for a free account at FullonSMS.com now and send unlimited free sms. You can also do us a favor, please share this article on your Facebook profile so that it gets enough coverage through us!

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