Free VPN Service

Free VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service used by people to unblock websites and also access websites anonymously without exposing any of your details online.

Free proxy sites are the more alternate way to access blocked sites but some people shy away from it because they pose security threats. As long as you use good Free Proxy Sites then you don’t have to worry about anything.

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1) Packetix

Packetix is a free VPN service from the land of Japan. Just download the VPN Connection Manager and install it. This is a great Free VPN and you can unblock any website of your choice.

2) Its Hidden

“Welcome to the world of Privacy” is the service tagline! Free VPN service at its best and unblocking websites takes only few minutes after you download the free vpn software.

3) CyberGhost

CyberGhost Free VPN is for you if you are looking for Freedom, Privacy and Security all at the same time. There is no obligation about the free software download of VPN so go ahead and try it now.

Free vpn service

4) Ultra VPN

Ultra VPN is a free vpn from France and it is build by a dedicated community. It is based on the concepts of Open VPN and it works great. Just download the free vpn client and register a free account and you will get access to anything you want.

5) Open VPN

Access any website without being worried about losing your important personal information like the IP address and stuff. OpenVPN is said to be the number 1 VPN client to get security and access website of your choice.

6) Security Kiss

Online TV is blocked or your Internet provider is blocking you from accessing a particular website? SecurityKiss is your answer to all of this and more. A free vpn, which does a decent job of making you hidden under the tunnel.

Use these Free VPN service for legal purpose and not for anything under the hood kind of stuffs. These VON services are free because they are funded or donated by the community which uses their VPN services. If you like this post then please share it with your friends it will be a great help for us to reach as many people as possible and make them aware about this topic.

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  • Johnny29

    Bullshit, those are crap and monitor the hell out of you. They are also blocked from a majority of sites.

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  • VPN

    Thanks for the list of free VPN services. Some people look for a paid option which can offer faster connections and unlimited bandwidth etc. It depends what you use the VPN for, whether a free service will suffice. A lot of the providers offer a paid version as well with more features.

  • Softworld

    Thanks for the free VPN services list. A VPN network is definitely very useful when you want to access various blocked sites in the area where you reside and when you want to surf the net completely anonymously.

  • Andreas@Online Advertising

    VPN networks are really needed if you live in countries that block certain websites and limit your freedom of choice this way. Also you could browse sites during work time if your boss doesn’t look (not recommended lol)