Fileswap – Free File Hosting with Cloud Storage is a website that helps you store backups and any important files from your computer that you might need it on the go from the Cloud Storage. There is also a software from FileSwap which you can use it to Sync files and share it with other people from your desktop or an iPhone.

From the many alternatives to file storage that use cloud storage technology comes Fileswap – a powerful new tool that helps user access their uploads quickly and painlessly. To get started it is extremely easy. Just drag and drop the files you need to share to the big orange button that pops up when you access the site. You then will have to then wait until the files will be uploaded to the cloud.

Fileswap allows users to access your files anywhere, basically from any device. Users can use the functions provided by the technology in order to manage and organize your files. You can categorize your files but storing them in different folders. Once they are in the folders the files will be easily shared via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Digg) or otherwise.

A neat extra function that not all file sharing suites offers is the ability to add passwords to your sensitive files. The website also boasts that soon they will introduce a new key-based encryption for you files, in order to add an extra layer of security and comfort.

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Fileswap also allows user to share entire playlists and photo galleries with members of the family and friends. All users have to do is put all files into a folder and then share that particular folder. It couldn’t be easier!

With Fileswap you can upload files from just about everywhere – your browser, you desktop, your mobile device, it’s all supported. More than that, Fileswap supports multiple files – Excel, Word, Pdf, Flv, Doc.

Signing up for a Free account will give you multiple options. Like getting a File Manager &Stats and getting Mobile & Desktop Sync. The Max File Size for a Free account is 250MB so you can’t really upload movies or big games, unless they are cut up into smaller pieces. The File Storage limit is set for 15000 MB and the Maximum Files allowed for upload are 5000. Not many websites can beat this offer.

Now if you need even more space there’s also the option of a paid plan. The Fileswap Personal will give you a massive 5000 MB file storage limit and unlimited files you can upload into their cloud servers. Apart from that you will also be able to enjoy some extra features that are not present in the Free version like No Download Wait Time, Download Speed Priority and No annoying Advertisements to annoy you.

Fileswap distinguishes itself in the sea of cloud based storage sites by offering a huge amount of space to every user who signs up for a free account. This feature is certainly a big plus you need to take into consideration when choosing a file sharing service.

From Personal to Professional use, FileSwap has got your back and provides you this wonderful cloud storage technology. Try this service and tell us your experience, we would love to hear your opinion about it.

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