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Facebook Search has evolved itself over the time and now you can search almost anything with it. You can even do a Facebook Search For People Without Logging in through the websites that we have listed here.

You can instantly search and Find Facebook Friends with no difficulty at all. Right from Facebook search for people whom you know to searching for your old classmates and co-workers.

In order to search people on facebook you need to be logged in and type in the name of the person via Facebook Search. But as you might know Facebook has influenced people to develop some amazing websites to do some cool useful stuffs.

Facebook search

Anyways here are some cool websites that lets you do Find people without logging in on Facebook Search and it does a good job as well.

1) OpenBook

You can use Openbook to search for people both male and female for their profiles, status updates and everything. YourOpenbook.org is a great to find Boys, Girls on Facebook that you might or might not know just by their names.

2) Open Facebook Search

It is now changed to: http://openstatussearch.com/

Simply search for any topic or a persons name and you will be displayed with host of results talked about on Facebook.  Find out what people are talking about on Facebook using the search box and you will be able to Facebook search without logging in.

3) Yet Another Facebook Search

Yet Another Facebook Search as the name suggests is a Facebook search that can be used to find people by their names, city and locations. It can help you search for public information of people and their pages on Facebook instantly.

4) http://www.social-searcher.com

Use the search box at the top of the website.

These websites mentioned are used to search people on Facebook without logging in and it will display Facebook status updates, Facebook pages and much more information without ever logging into facebook at all.

If you find this post interesting sharing is encouraged so others will come to know of these amazing Facebook websites as well. But as always if you want to do a plain old Facebook search then you can do so @ http://www.facebook.com/srch.php

Share it with your friends on Facebook and help them search for anyone who is on Facebook the easier way!


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    I’ll still wait until facebook rolls out a search that gives more realtime results and less people in their search results.

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    wow…this is really very interesting ! Good to know about it