Facebook Mobile Login – m.facebook.com and Apps

If you are on mobile phone then visit m.facebook.com, it is a direct link to Facebook Mobile Login page. Facebook has evolved a lot in the past few years and now it is getting better with the mobile version of the website as well.

I login to Facebook more than 30 times a day because there is always something new from my friends, that I might be interested in. Since I work from home I don’t have to login to m.facebook.com but instead use the PC version which has everything I want in 1 page.

Facebook mobile will definitely be useful to people who travel a lot and don’t have time to login to Facebook via Desktop PC. I am planning to buy a new Android based smartphone shortly so m.facebook.com will definitely come in handy if I want to access Facebook via Mobile other than the Facebook app (which is very slow).

Old Facebook mobile page:

Facebook Mobile Login

Partial Screenshot of the new Facebook mobile page:

Facebook Mobile
Facebook Mobile page

Check it out: 0.facebook.com, m.facebook.com, touch.facebook.com  are some of the URL used to access Facebook through a mobile phone.

Incidentally you can also access m.facebook.com via PC, it’s just a lighter version of the actual Facebook.com. You can access m.facebook.com via Opera mini browser or something similar from your phone.

Enough said, now visit m.facebook.com login and enjoy Facebook mobile on the go with your friends!

Need help with the Fb mobile site? The check out this help page: http://www.facebook.com/help/mobile/web

I have decided to add the various Facebook Mobile apps that you can access from devices and here they are:

1) Facebook Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.facebook.katana

2) Facebook iOS app for Apple: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/facebook/id284882215?mt=8

3) Facebook app from Nokia OVI store: http://store.ovi.com/content/238066

4) Facebook app for Blackberry: http://us.blackberry.com/specifications/social/facebook.html#tab-1

And finally..

Facebook Messenger for Windows:


Hey do you like the videos posted by your friends on Facebook? Then you can Download Facebook Videos online for free using the mentioned websites inside the post!

  • google

    i can’t access my face-book account that i opened a few days ago

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  • Nailah Kate C. Encarguez

    I cannot download facebook on my mobile..

    • Boateng Kofi

      I too?I Fomated my device n it deleted 4rom de device

      • http://npxp.com/ Kamal Hasa

        Which mobile phones are you using??

  • vinay

    very best

  • Aro Lizzy O.

    I forgot my password and I am not a spammer. Please what should I do?

    • http://npxp.com/ Kamal Hasa

      Did you request for a new FB password?

  • Mayanda

    I need help in my phone facebook.My first page top is turn,please help us.
    Kind regards,

  • layton matthews

    cant login, its sayin remote server not found, pls………. HELP

  • laton matthews

    i seriously need help, i can’t access my fb account its sayin error, that my file cant be found, i hav tried to reset my password several times, its not workin, pls help help help, i hav bin receivin emails i hav to talk to my lovely friends on facebook pls….

  • Isaac Decoy Garava

    I tried many times to log in to my face book account this morning but I can’t access through. What is the problem? error message ” Remote server or file not found” kept on showing up. Pls any solution?

    • Arpita Kandulina

      plese help me i cant log in my fb page

    • Deepak Khatik

      Hey!….. Same thing happend with me…. When ever i log in to my fb id it shows that Remote server or file not found.
      This error occure because you sent too many friend requests. So your id will be bloacked.
      To get your id you have to log in by Computer or if you have not computer ,go to near by cyber cafe…
      When you log in through Computer you have option to delete all pending request, click on it and your id will open normally..

  • anil goldy

    when i login then it shows you login access address. Plz help me.

  • anil goldy

    my fb not open when i m login my fb. It shows error with web url. Plz hlep me.

  • manoj sachan

    my fb account is not opening so plz help….

  • Prateek singh

    When i m trying to log in my facebook account it shows eror.and my id is not opening today. Plz help me sir.

  • Rickie lamdman

    I just want an iPod ( 2nd generation) app that I can download that doesn’t tell me I need to upgrade to 4.0 or better!

  • Yonas Kefene

    Waw!! it’s nice.

  • Biswaranjan Datta

    Dear friend, i can’t able to write my email id & passward in email/passward boxes because carser not working. I also look another warning message that your passward and session data wll be sent in plain text; I do’t know meaning of plain text. Thanks & regards… Biswaranjan

  • mustaqim hairin

    i like facebook

  • http://m.facebook.com tryphone chrisantus

    help me to get world connection with my friends

  • Nicky Walo

    I cannot access my 1st fb accnt…now i have 2 xtra existin dormant accnts wit d same name n password similar to d 1st 1…i need to access my 1st fb accnt…plis help…

  • Rukia

    am havin problems in login in pls help

    • http://npxp.com Kamal Hasa

      Hi Ruki, What problem are you facing anyways?

  • Sayan Bhattacharya

    i want to join facebook

  • Alem jamir

    I cnt upload photo’s from mobile.before I was able to upload but now there is no photo upload button on my homepage nor in my profile..so how would I do it??

  • meenakshi

    i m not able to open my profile whenever im typing my id to log in then showing sorry u cnt open ur fb

  • http://facebook.com Arjun hembram

    i cannot access my account

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  • http://M.facebook.com Manojsharma

    I want to join it.

  • romeo

    i have two accounts nd icannot acces my other account that i registered with my phone, i can only acces the one that i log in with the email address. please help

    • http://npxp.com Kamal Hasa

      Did you try requesting for a new password for the second account??

    • waniala david

      4get all about it stic on one

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  • Ja’lyn

    umm what is this??

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  • James

    Many social networking websites have now launched their mobile web optimized versions, facebook is too on the list. But the sad news for the ones using opera mini on their mobiles is that the full version is not anymore available on their mobile phones, not even on opera mini and that indeed sucks!

    • Paul Kandex

      Hi james, What are you talking about? I have no idea about this thing so could you please explain further on that opera mini full version thing. Thanks

  • http://www.techncom.net Rajib Kumar

    I am so crazy about facebook. I use m.facebook only when i am in the bus and boring classes. I know it’s really funny to use facebook in class room. But it’s true.

    • MichealaEvans

      Omg me to