– Free Resume Maker (CV Maker) is a popular online tool to create professional CV for free without the need of any software. All you have to do is, Go to and start creating a new CV for your job interview. Let us read more about this wonderful online tool.

Having an attractive and put-up resume is a key feature of succeeding in a job interview. And because we are living in a world where the economy is getting shakier by the minute, passing the job interview has become a matter of extreme importance. For those who don’t really have a clear idea where to start off when making a resume, website CV Maker is here to help out.

The site offers guidance in creating “beautiful, professional, resumes in minutes”. And the best thing of all is that it does so completed free. By taking a quick look at the main interface you can see that the website is pretty famous. So far 328,023 people have downloaded the CV’s they created onto their machine, while other 164,936 have saved their CVs on the servers.

To get started you will need to sign up with a personal account or you can just choose you login with Facebook is that seems easier. It’s not mandatory to sing up, but we recommend that you do. You will be able to download it of course, but to save for later editing you will need to login. is also available in multiple languages: English, Czech, Dutch, Romanian, Turkish, Polish, German, Hungarian and others.

Visit and create your free professional looking Resume from: CV Maker now!

Free CV Maker
Free CV Maker

After registering to the website you can proceed to start working on your resume by clicking the Create a CV now. You will be transported to the CV interface in a matter of seconds.

You will first need to take care of the Basic Information section. Type in your: Full Name, E-mail address, Phone numbers, Personal websites and Addresses. Adding Work experience is easy as well. Just click the Add entry button. Another set of extra fields will pop up on your screen. Add Job title, Company name, Start date, End date. There’s also this empty space you can fill in with details about your duties within the company.

The Qualification section lets you write about the certificates you’ve earned and the extra courses you took. Also if you are possess some skills like drawing abilities or you speak another language you should mention in this section.

The Education tab will enable you to add the schools you attended by clicking the Add entry button. Fill in the following empty spaces: Course name, Institution name, Start date and End date.

The Interests page is another open space where you can let your creativity loose. Amaze the potential employee by adding as many interests as possible and the voluntary activities you attended if you did.

The Reference section is the place where you add References from your former employees in which they highlight your skills and your best personality traits.

You can choose to fill in all sections or not. If you leave the fields empty in one place, that section will not be shown in the CV. To grab a sneak peak of your CV you can click the Quick preview button located in the right upper corner just above the writing area. There you can discover the Save and Download buttons as well. is a wonderful CV builder that provides a fun and aesthetically pleasing resume model. And everything is for free, so you have no excuses, you definitely should try the website.

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