Create Facebook account

Do you want to Create Facebook account or need help to sign up for one? It’s never too late to create a new account on the best social networking site in the world, so if you don’t have an account get it now.

Facebook is the largest Social networking website on the Internet and has over 995 million users from across the world. It supports over 70 languages and if you are yet to create a Facebook account then this is the right time you do it.

Facebook was opened to public on September 26, 2006 since it was created. Anyone who is over 13 could sign up for a free account and be friends with other Facebook users.

It’s 2012 now and I can tell you for sure that almost all of my friends have a Facebook (Popularly called as FB) account and the people who do not have one are definitely going to create an account very soon. Facebook has become a part of everyone’s life in this digital age and it has started to influence our personal lives as well.

If you are a person who is interested in Facebook and wants to sign up then here is a simple guide how you can register one.

Quick link-

Sign up for Facebook now:

Create Facebook account

All you need to do is go to and type in your personal details such as your name, email id, sex and your birthday.

In order to sign up for a FB account you need to have a valid email address. You can get one from Gmail (the best free email service) and other services by clicking the following link:

  1. Create Gmail Account
  2. Create Yahoo account or even better try the below option if you need other websites
  3. Free Email Accounts – 23 Websites

Few things that you need to be aware of before signing up for a free account at FB:

  • Your age should be over 13
  • You are not supposed to create Facebook account with false information
  • You cannot have more than 1 account
Once you sign up you will be taken to a screen where it will guide you on how to find friends and other people you might know. If you email your friends and relatives using a mail account then Facebook can automatically add them up as your friends by choosing the option on this screen.
After that you can update your profile information that you want your friends to read and you can skip it as well. Upload your profile picture that is on your computer so that people whom you might know can easily recognize you on Facebook.

Remember that Facebook can ban your account for not following their terms and also you will not be able to create another account after that. If you need help for creating a Facebook account then take a look at this useful link:

Once you successfully sign up for Facebook you can login and access a whole new digital world. You can search for your old friends, relatives and start sending them with Friend requests.

You can also share your thoughts or what you are doing at the moment with all your friends whom you add. There is also an option to upload your photos and videos to your Facebook profile. If you are new to the Internet or to Social networking certain terms seem weird and confusing. You can always use Google to search those words or terms to understand the technical jargon better.

When people whom you know search for you on Facebook they will also be able to send you with friend request. Just accept it and start chatting, sharing updates with each other easily.

You can access Facebook from a computer, Mobile phone, Tablet device which has an active Internet connection. Also check out this video where it explains how to create a Facebook account in detail:

With Facebook you can stay updated with your friends about their lives and also view their pictures, videos and stay connected for free. It is fun to be on Facebook and also useful to maintain broken friendships due to various reasons.

Technology like Mobile phones, Social networking has made this world a smaller place. And if you are not part of it then you should really think about it. Facebook has enabled to stay in touch with family and dear friends no matter where they are.

The purpose of this post is to encourage anyone who is thinking about opening a Facebook account and need help. Everyday thousands of people join Facebook, some young and some old. So if you are one of them then please comment below and I will be more than happy to assist you with any problem that you are facing.

Check out Wikihow for a detailed instruction on how to make a new Facebook account, which also has screenshots. I hope you found this post useful and do share it with anyone else who needs help in signing up.