– Create Free Online Test and Quiz is a free  web to create Online Test and Quiz, it has both free and paid plans to choose from. If you are a teacher, trainer or work in a similar profession which requires you to create tests and quizzes for your team, candidates or students, then this website can be really useful.

Online testing has become a valuable tool in recent years, as the worldwide population becomes more and more engaged in the virtual environment. Today online testing could be applied as a pre-employment method of testing the applicants or in online education. The online education field has really taken off in recent years. Currently perspective students who don’t have the time to engage in standard/traditional education can register to take courses and even bachelor or master degrees.

For professionals in charge of producing such online quizzes, there’s an exciting new tool that allows the quick creation of online tests. Welcome to and start creating the materials you need without wasting paper.

The website offers options for business users as well as educators, but to start working on the quizzes registration is required. Test takers as well need to create an account in order to use the website.

Test Creation

Once you have logged in with your account, you can proceed to reading the FAQ and the quick guide ClassMarker provides in order to get an idea the concept works. There’s also a Video tutorial available for users just getting started. To start working on a quiz go to Test tab and choose Mytests category. Name your quiz first before you start adding the questions. There’s the option of choosing between: Multiple choice/ Multiple response, True/ False, Free Text, Punctuation or Essay questions. Click on the ones you find appropriate and start filling them in. Static or Random questions can also be added. As an educator finishes completing a quiz he or she could move on to Set the question order or Edit question settings. There’s also the option of Duplicating the test or even Printing it on paper. - Free Online Quiz and Testing – Free Online Quiz and Testing

Lots of available options

What’s extremely useful about this particular website is that it allows particular customization of the quiz you created. For example test makers can set the particular time frame when the test can become available. They can even the exact hours in which students let’s say can visualize the quiz. What users will see after finishing a test is also up to the maker. At the end, the test could showcase the score, or the answers or even the incorrectly answered questions. They can also choose the Time Limit and how many attempts at answering a questions the test takers are allowed to have. Here’s the complete list of what you can do: is an impressive service and the company boasts with its impressive client portfolio. In it we can find Nike, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Microsoft, Facebook or Marriot.


As with many services, registering users have the opportunity to choose between the Free plan which includes the creation of 100 tests per month and the paid plan. If you’re an educator working for Stanford University, let’s face it, 100 tests is not nearly enough. For the education field the Professional 1 plan comes at $16.50 USD/month and opens the option of creating up to 400 tests per month. The Professional 2 plan costs $33 USD/month and includes 1000 tests. For business users the price is a little higher so the Professional 1 plan comes at $33/month while the Professional 2 is $66/month.

Got questions or doubts about ClassMarker? Then check out this link, you will probably find your solution:

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